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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

VOTE in my poll post… October 3, 2008

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I’ve got a post up on my new blog – Mundane Musings – on which would be the better investment to make first. Stand mixer or food processor? Come on over and join the conversation! And don’t forget to update your RSS readers and email subscriptions while you’re there!


Don’t forget… October 1, 2008

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Just a reminder to everyone – on October 1st, I’ll officially move my blog over to my own domain! That means you’ll need to update your RSS readers or your email subscriptions. The new blog is fully functional (and this is the last time it will ever move since I’ve bought my own domain name). will be my new permanent home! So, pop on over and update your subscriptions/bookmarks/RSS readers now so you don’t miss out on anything!



Tackle It Tuesday – The Office/Playroom… September 30, 2008

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Just a reminder to everyone – on October 1st, I’ll officially move my blog over to my own domain! That means you’ll need to update your RSS readers or your email subscriptions. The new blog is fully functional (and this is the last time it will ever move since I’ve bought my own domain name). will be my new permanent home! So, pop on over and update your subscriptions/bookmarks/RSS readers now so you don’t miss out on anything!



I’ll be the first to admit. The office/playroom is more of a playroom after the introduction of a laptop to our household. Chip and I are both much more content to sit in the living room and tour the web than to venture into the office and use the desktop.

Because of this, the office is much more playroom these days and it’s not getting cleaned up nearly as often as it should.

Right now, it looks like this…

And I’ve got my work cut out for me today! So, I’ve sent the littles outside with Kait to collect leaves for a fall book we’re going to make for school (we’ll press them later this afternoon) while I post about how I’m about to get started. (Blogging really can be an excuse for procrastinating just about anything, can’t it?).

But I’m looking forward to being able to walk through the office again without stepping on Little People or tripping over Shake and Go cars (those things can send you skidding across the floor, y’all. I speak from experience). Because that playroom is getting downright dangerous.

I’ll be back later with the after pictures. Because maybe knowing I should post the “after” will be incentive enough to actually get it done!

What are you working to accomplish today?

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Menu Plan Monday – September 29, 2008… September 29, 2008

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Oh. my. word. I hate Mondays. They make me growly and snarly and I never want to get it. Just a little over a month until the time changes and I’m already dreading it. I need to stock up on the coffee I guess.

A few people have asked about my Sunday meal plans since we always have the same thing. It’s the day we eat leftovers. Some people are shocked when they find out that we don’t have a big family meal on Sunday afternoons (we did yesterday – baked ziti – put it on the calendar, it likely won’t happen again soon). But by the time we get home from church on Sunday afternoons, Chip and I are so tired that the last thing on our mind is making something for lunch. So, we do easy things like sandwiches or even cereal. The kids like it because they can come home and gulp something down and go outside to play with their friends – I mean, it’s been a whole 15 hours or so since they last saw them. How does the world go on? – and Chip and I can eat at our own leisure. Oftentimes, I don’t even eat in the afternoon. A nap is much more appealing. And my husband has mercy on me and we usually go out to eat if we have company on a Sunday. That man deserves an award, y’all!

We ate out twice last week. Friday, I had a migraine. The worst in a long time. We ordered pizza for dinner. And then Saturday, we were out and about well past dinnertime, so we grabbed some McDonalds to eat in the van. So, I still have quesadillas for dinner. I made the ziti yesterday.

Monday – Quesadillas

Tuesday – Beef Stew

Wednesday – Pork Sandwiches at the football field. The last game of the season.

Thursday – Coca Cola Chicken – at Elijah’s request. You can use any seasoning you want, not just onion soup mix.

Friday – Baked Ravioli

Saturday – Chili

Sunday – CORN (Clean Out Refrigerator Night)

So, what’s on your menu for this week?


A most satisfying Saturday… September 27, 2008

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I woke up this morning to hear my kids playing together downstairs. Chip got up a bit before I did and made me coffee. So, when I came down the stairs, I could smell the coffee, hear my kids happily chattering as they ate cold cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons, and saw my husband relaxing in his chair. It’s the soundtrack of my life and I *love* it! I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down and cracked open a new book. (For those who care, it was Sunset by Karen Kingsbury – the last book in the Baxter series).

We lazed around the house this morning and then after lunch, decided to head to the outlet mall. My favorite jeans finally gave up this week and I needed a new favorite pair. I brought the laptop with me and was able to work in the van on the way there as Chip listened to some football game on the radio. The kids watched a movie and it was just a peaceful trip. I will say, it’s rather difficult to use a touchpad mouse when you’re driving on bumpy country roads!

We hit the mall and I was so excited to see they are finally getting a Children’s Place! I didn’t find my jeans at the mall, but we did find Chip a pair of golf shoes and a couple new shirts. We also got a super yummy wallflower from the Bath & Body Works outlet. My whole house now smells like Kitchen Spice. It’s making me hungry.

Because I didn’t find a pair of jeans at the mall, my wonderful husband took me all the way to Decatur so I could look at Target. Even though he was skeptical. But that’s just the great kind of guy he is. He spoils me and I know it.

And y’all, I found the cutest pair of jeans at Target! I had picked up a couple different pairs to try on, but the first pair I tried on fit perfectly. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y!!!  My butt looks great in them. And any pair of jeans that can accomplish that are definitely a keeper!  Then I took the girls (Kait and her BFF, Destiny) to look at the girl clothes. Where I bought them really cute matching t-shirts. Which they, of course, had to put on right away.

We stopped quick at Kroger for milk and bread (because those four kids of mine have started eating so much bread in a week that I’m sure they are making Dr. Atkins turn in his grave). We grabbed McDonald’s for dinner and ate in the car on the way home.

And now we’re home. Chip and Elijah are watching the Illinois vs. Penn State game. Kait and Seth are playing on the computer and giggling together. And if I listen really hard, I can just barely hear Noah playing and singing in the bath. I’m going to finish up the church stuff for tomorrow that I couldn’t do without internet, and then I’ll dive back into and hopefully finish my book.

It’s been a great day and my heart is happy…


My blog is growing up… September 26, 2008

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So, my little blog is finally growing up. I’ve got enough regular readers now that it’s time to make a change. I’ve purchased my own domain name and I’m hosting my own blog! WOOHOO!! And I even figured out how to edit the CSS stylesheet so it looks the way I want it to. So proud.

So, head on over to my new site and take a look around! 

Mundane Musings

And let me know what you think.


You’ve heard of homecoming king and queen… September 25, 2008

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But around here all we have are the Drama King and Queen – otherwise known as Noah and Kaitlyn. Because oh. my. word. y’all. With the drama around here today, surely those children of mine deserve an Oscar or an Emmy or maybe even a Grammy with some of the pitches they’ve been hitting today.

And the monstrosity that caused all the drama? I asked them to *gasp* clean their rooms!

And then I asked them to go back and make them “mom-clean.” Which is different from “dad-clean.” Dad-clean simply means that they clean up the middle of the room so we can walk in it. And there is nothing wrong with that. But when we tell them that it needs to be mom-clean, I mean that I want them to clean under their beds, behind open doors and the floors of their closets. It means I want them to actually be able to just get in their beds and lay down and not have to clean them off first.

But that also means that they must torture me. And I’d ground them, but then they still win. They get to play in their rooms with their stuff and whine at me even more. Which will just lead to them having to clean their rooms again. And I have a low tolerance for punishing myself.

So, we’re in the final 15 minutes of room cleaning. They are clean enough to be halfway between dad-clean and mom-clean. And all I’m asking for is 15 more minutes. Then I’m going to kick them all out of the house, take some excederin and remind myself that they are going to bed EARLY with a movie tonight so we can watch the season premier of The Office!

And that makes it all worth it!