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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Tuesday June 14, 2005 June 14, 2005

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(I’m taking full advantage of Seth’s nap today – really trying hard to get this all blogged and up to date).

We overslept on Friday morning and I missed breakfast.  Chip got ready while I got the kids ready so he could take them down.  The kids came back completely jazzed about breakfast because they had a waffle station where you could make your own belgium style waffles.  The brought me back breakfast but apparently as they were bringing it back they dropped the donuts on the floor so those went in the trash.  I ate two chocolate chip mini-muffins and drank the orange juice they brought me.  Guess I should be glad (as should the housekeeping staff) that they didn’t drop the juice on the floor.

Once we were all ready, we left for *THE* Mall.  If y’all have never been to Mall of America, I highly suggest you go.  And then I suggest even more that you get over to Ikea – but that comes later, even deserves a post of its own! LOL!

The kids absolutely loved the mall and it brought back some great memories for Chip and I.  Chip and I used to go to the mall for our date nights.  You could go minigolfing, ride a roller coaster, go on a log flume, eat dinner,catch a movie and then go for coffee afterward all without leaving the mall.

We walked around for a while (still looking for a swimsuit for me that cost less than $45) and visited several stores.  While we had originally planned on eating at Rainforest Cafe for lunch, the wait was too long so we traveled back up to the third floor to get some lunch at one of the food courts.  $30 later, we traveled back down three stories to go to LegoLand.  The kids thought they were in heaven with all those legos.

That is of course until we entered Camp Snoopy.  Noah’s mouth literally dropped open and his eyes opened as wide as possible when he walked into the indoor amusement park.  It took only moments before they were begging to go on a ride and Chip was off to buy points.  At this point I started kicking myself because I’d forgotten to bring the camera with us.  The four of them (yes, Chip too) rode on a Truckin’ ride where they got to “drive” a big rig around the track.  Then Kait & Noah went on a plane ride.  When they were done, Chip and Elijah rode bumper cars.  By that time, my head was aching and I needed OUT of the amusement park for a while.

What I really needed was a coffee fix!  We quickly found a Starbucks and Chip and I got a much needed coffee!  I needed the caffiene to keep up with the kids.  While getting our coffee, Kathy called to say they had made it into the Cities and they’d call once they were checked into their hotel so we could meet them at Ikea.

We headed back into Camp Snoopy in search of the arcade and left the boys there while Kait and I headed out to find a snack for the kids.  We found a smoothie and some cotton candy and went back to find the guys (Elijah just came in and informed me he is not a “boy” anymore – he’s a guy).  The kids and Chip played some games.  Kait played one of those cames of chance where you simply drop in a token and hope for the best and she hit the jackpot.  The machine started spitting out tickets at her and just didn’t stop.  I think she won something like 200 tickets with just one (her first) token!  There were enough tickets that they were all able to get decent prizes – Kait got a pen on a string covered with Disney Princesses and the boys each got a Scooby Doo cup.

We were just leaving the arcade when Kathy called and we made plans to meet at Ikea in just a few minutes.  We started to make our way out of the mall – no small feat when you have four kids in tow.  We eventually made it back to our exit in Nordstrom and back to the van.

Seth is waking up and it’s time to get the kids some lunch, so the Ikea story will have to wait until later this afternoon.  But trust me when I say I’ll be back.  Other than seeing family and friends, Ikea was the highlight of the entire trip for me!


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