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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Saturday June 25, 2005 June 25, 2005

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Ok, a quick catch-up post and I’m off again…

Yesterday was a great day.  We got up and headed down to Granny’s for a while.  We stayed through lunch and a trip to McDonalds with Granny and Dad and then headed home for a whlie.  After dinner, we decided to kill some time and headed out to the park for a bit of Bethany Celebration.  Our town is so small that we always have the town festival the weekend before the 4th because we can’t compete with bigger towns around us.  We stopped and talked with pretty much everyone we knew out there before coming home to go swimming.

Once we got home, we started getting in our suits while we waited for Mom to show up.  We thought she was going to swim with us, but she just ended up keeping Seth at the house.  She looked pretty tired.  We took the kids over to Jerry’s and had a great time.  I swear Noah must be part fish.  At one time I came swimming up behind him and that little stinker turned around to face me with gun drawn!  He shot me right in the face with a water gun!  And then swam away in a fit of giggles while I wiped the water out of my eye.

A pop-up thunderstorm cut our time a bit short.  It never did rain, but it was thundering so we got out of the water and came on home.  I made s’mores in the oven (thanks to my Gram for giving me the idea) before Mom went on home.  YUMMY!  It wasn’t long before the kids were in bed and I was settling in to finish my book.

This morning, we got up and went over to Shane & Karen’s old house to watch the parade.  Dad & Mike were pulling up just as we got over there.  The parade was a bit longer this year than past years I think.  The kids got a ton of candy (a gallon Ziploc bag FULL – I almost couldn’t get it closed).  The only downside to the whole morning was the heat – it was already 85 degrees by the time we got out there.  Summer sure did come in with a bang!

This afternoon we pretty much layed around the house.  I ended up going to lay down for a nap around 2:30 and slept until Seth got up around 4.  I don’t think I even moved once I layed down – my hair still looks the same as when I layed down (normally after a nap I have to shower so I can redo it).  Dinner is in the oven (pizza), Chip is doing dishes, Kait is in her room and the boys are watching some show on television. 

After dinner we’re heading back out to the park for a while and then we’ll come home for a while to cool off before heading back out for the fireworks tonight.  We have a great fireworks display for such a small town.  I’m sure it helps that we have a fireworks company right here in town though.

OH!  And my Walmart gripe of the month…  Why is it that every time you find a product that works for you, they stop carrying it?  First it was Chip’s hair gel, then my deodorant and not Off Botanicals bug repellant.  I’m allergic to DEET, but Off Botanicals is plant based and doesn’t have any in it.  Of course for some weird reason, Walmart quit carrying it.  I did find some Off braclets without DEET, so I’m going to try those.  (I did use some Deep Woods Off with DEET the other day – my eyes and throat swelled and I could hardly breathe.  Not to mention the itching! UGH!).  Hopefully Target with have some when we get up there next week.  I *loathe* Walmart!!!

There’s the timer going off.  Time for dinner…


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