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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Friday August 5, 2005 August 5, 2005

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As if I have time for anything else, I’ve jumped on the “Doll War” bandwagon with a bunch of online friends.  So y’all click the following link to get me some points.  Apparently your doll starts out in just a bra & panties so y’all need to click to get me some points – imagine the scandal if I don’t get some clothes on my doll soon!

If anyone else wants to sign up to see what it’s all about, I can get even more points for that, so use my link:

Like I said, not that I really have time for that kind of thing, but it’s something to do while I wait for the incredibly slow pages to load with my super slow dial-up.

Tomorrow or Saturday, I’m going to set my mind to working on the new church newsletter.  We’re going to start putting out a monthly newsletter and I get to design/publish/edit it.  WOOHOO!!  I know some pastors wives who hate that kind of thing, but I’m just elated that something has finally come my way that I can do that I’m actually GOOD at.  I’ve already got some rough ideas in my head for layouts and such.  I can hardly wait to get started.

I’ve also been doing some work on a new church website.  It’s nothing special yet and I’m not entirely sure that I “love” this site for doing the website, but we’ll see how it comes along once it’s all finished.  It’s all template based but it does have the ability to do HTML, so we’ll see if I can get it to do what I want it to.  Otherwise I’ll be on the hunt for something better.  The idea is to get it up and running so that anyone can just come in and plug in information to update it.  This site will work for that, but I don’t want to do it if it’s going to compromise the look of the site.  I may actually call tomorrow about switching our internet to broadband – which will make all of this go MUCH faster.

Otherwise, just the same old stuff going on around here.  Seth was pretty fussy today.  I think he’s finally figuring out that when he fusses he gets attention and he’s learning how to use that to his advantage.  Not to mention that he’s completely spoiled because of the way the kids dote on him all the time.  Every time he even whimpers just a little bit, one of the kids is right there to see what he needs.  Which is really handy for momma, unless the kids are all outside or gone for the entire day like they were this afternoon, in which case I end up having to hold him.  Not that I mind, it’s just hard to get stuff done when you’re toting around a 3 month old baby.

We went and got a new sink yesterday since the pretty pedestal sink that we’d picked out just wouldn’t work without making some major plumbing adjustments.  So the plumber was back this afternoon to put the new sink in.  The kids were so excited they actually went and brushed their teeth without being told. I’ll just be happy to not have to come all the way downstairs to wash my hands if I get up in the night to use the bathroom.  I almost FELL down the steps last night.  I have a hard enough time walking down them when I’m fully awake, so walking down them half asleep is just asking for trouble.

Tomorrow is Chip’s day off and we don’t really have any definite plans.  Other than going to Target.  He was fasting earlier this week when I wanted to go and he begged me not to because he knows I can’t walk out of there without first going to Starbucks.  So I told him I’d avoid the Starbucks that day as long as he promised we’d go back this Friday – which is tomorrow.  YUMMY!  I can hardly wait.  I’m such a coffee addict!

OH! I guess I do have big news – Seth slept through the night for the first time last night.  He sleeps really well anyway, sleeping from 10pm until 6am and then just getting up to eat and going back to sleep until 9am or so.  But this morning he slept all the way until 8am without waking up!  It was great to be able to get some good quality sleep last night.  And speaking of sleep, time for me to be heading that way…

Happy Friday tomorrow everyone!  Now go click on my link and get me some clothes!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I gave you some money for clothes!!

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