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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Monday September 5, 2005 September 5, 2005

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WOW! What a long, exhausting, wonderful day!

We started out EARLY!  Chip even earlier than me.  At 6:30, Chip went to pick up the daughters of friends of ours who would be spending the day with us.  Their parents both had to work and instead of spending the day at their dad’s office, we thought we’d take them with us.

When I got up at 7:30, they were playing a Barbie game on the Xbox.  I got my kids up at 8am and they all had some breakfast.  We got ready and headed down to Granny’s for the annual Pana Labor Day parade.  Elijah actually went down on Sunday night to spend the night so he could help set up chairs this morning.  We got all the kids in the van and were in Pana at 9:50, 10 minutes before the start of the parade.

The Pana parade is a huge deal.  People travel from all over to see this parade.  If there is going to be a reunion held in Pana, chances are it will center around the parade and the Tri-County fair.  As long as we’ve lived in IL (almost 7 years now), we’ve made it to the parade.  It’s a long parade – this years was 1hr and 30 minutes.  They throw out a TON of candy and have quite a few entries.  It’s one of the better parades I’ve ever been to.

After the parade, we headed back to Granny’s and Chip grilled pork chops while we got other stuff ready and the kids played. Lunch was GREAT!  Something about my husband cooking on the grill and the food just always tastes wonderful.

Once lunch was done, the kids pulled out the croquet set and knocked balls around the yard for a while.  At 2pm, we decided to head over to the Tri-County fair and watch the harness racing.  The girls we had with us had never been to anything like that (the youngest had actually never been to a parade either) before, so it was fun to share with them.  The little one (she’s 4) fell asleep in the chair while we were watching the race for a few minutes.  I snapped a picture with my phone, but I still don’t know how to get them off of there so I’ve no way to share it.

At 4ish, we started home.  A quick stop at PawPaw’s to drop off some left over pork chops and we were on our way to drop the girls off at home.  This is where things REALLY got interesting.  We were pulling up to Bruce-Findlay road when Chip says, “Uh-oh!”  I looked up and I’m fairly certain the words, “OH CRAP!” flew out of my mouth before I could stop them.  Up ahead was a road block/safety check.

Count with me will you – we had my husband and I, our four kids and two extras.  In our minivan.  7 seats, 8 people.  That’s right.  We were forced to make the decision to let Elijah ride on the floor on the way home.  Anyone who knows me knows it’s completely against my character to do that kind of thing.  My kids stay rear facing until they absolutely can’t anymore because they’ve reached the weight AND age limit – Noah was rear facing until he was 15 months and Kait longer than that.  Elijah was in a booster seat at the age of 6 when they changed the law from 4yrs to 8ys because it was just safer.  I’m a stickler when it comes to carseat and seatbelt safety.  I’ve been known to make people pull the car over if one of my children unbuckles going down the road.

And as if I’m not already having a heart attack because Elijah isn’t in a carseat, Chip says, “Elijah – get behind A. By Noah’s feet and stay still and quiet!”  It’s not bad enough that I’m completely freaking out because my son, whom I KNOW should be in a seatbelt, is sitting on the floor – BUT NOW HE’S HIDING!  My husband, the pastor, ladies and gentlemen!  The officer simply checked Chip’s license and we were on our way.  I don’t think I mentioned their were 3 officers checking the cars and of course the last one in line was the one we stopped at so we had to drive past the other two officers as well!  I’ll tell you, this is a situation I will NEVER find myself in again.  EVER!

But we got the girls dropped off and came on home. The kids played with friends while I did some work online and Chip went to his office.  About 8:45pm, Chip’s mom showed up with our newest addition to our family.

That’s right.  As if a dog, a kitten, and 4 kids weren’t enough, we decided to add to the madness and now have a second dog.  She’s a good little dog though – a Dorky, half dachsund/half Yorkshire Terrier, named Brewser.  So, we acclimated her to her new surroundings tonight after we got the kids in bed.  It’ll take a bit of time since she’s so used to being the star of the show, but she’s a great little dog with tons of personality and we’re happy to be able to take her in.

And now it’s time for bed.  This week isn’t going to get any less busy.  Tomorrow Chip will be gone all day for the annual Ministers Golf outing.  He gets to go golf with a bunch of his pastor friends and have lunch and it doesn’t cost us a thing.  He says it’s his favorite day of the year. LOL!  Tuesday night he has youth.  Wednesday night is Bible study.  Thursday night Chip has another Bible study to go to.  Friday night he has a board meeting for Teen Challenge and then Saturday we’re going down to Southern Illinois to meet up with Chip’s sister and brother in law.  I better go get some rest while I can!


5 Responses to “Monday September 5, 2005”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to the family doggie!  Sounds like you guys had a great labor day!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow…free golf?!?  My hubby would be sooo jealous!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Same thing happened to us with my elijah.  He was only 2 years old and we were on a choir trip.  We couldn’t get his car seat out of the bus so we put him in a church van without it.  Yep, we were pulled over.  Our music pastor was going 75 in a 45 in a church van!  The cop didn’t even glance in the back to see our two year old in a regular lap belt.  I said I would never do that again.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh that had me cracking up, Bek. I’m the same way. In fact, I will re-install friends’ carseats – locking clips and all – if they’re not done properly. ROFL

  5. Anonymous Says:

    LOL!  I bet you nearly died when you saw that roadblock!  I’m glad they didn’t see Elijah, imagine how embarassed Chip would’ve been!

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