My Mundane Musings

Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Monday October 17, 2005 October 17, 2005

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This morning all was quiet and as I lay in bed, I reminisced of days gone by.  Staying at my Gram’s always brings on a bout of nostalgia for me.  Even though the aestetics of the house have changed over the years, my room upstairs remains the same.  Even the dresser has remained in the same place.  I remember the room as it once was.  Neat and orderly and all mine.  Posters and pictures and cards from friends on the walls.  Dried flowers from Chip on the dresser.  The phone where so many phone calls between Chip and I took place while we were dating and I was home for the summer.  I remember a sunshine morning one summer day when my very own Prince Charming woke me with a kiss after driving all night just because he couldn’t wait another moment to see me.  Oh, so many memories wrapped up in this room.  Memories of love and joy and peace and contentment.
We are having a grand time on our vacation.  A very slow laptop and even slower dialup connection keep me from logging on often, but vacation is about time with family and I know y’all will still be there when we make our way home next weekend.  We’re having a lot of fun and enjoying the time with Gram that we have.  Everytime we come home and see my Gram and other grandparents I’m reminded of just how fragile life is and I cherish every moment I have with them as I’m sure the moments are fleeting.
Janet’s wedding was beautiful. She was surrounded by people that love her and her new husband and want nothing but the best for them.  And in true Janet-style, she managed to fall the night before and sprain her ankle spend the night beore the wedding in the emergency room.  Y’all would really get a laugh out of that if you really knew my sister.  But she put her toughest face on and with a glow all around her, limped down that aisle to be joined with her husband.  I feel blessed myself just knowing that she’s been so blessed.

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