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Wednesday April 5, 2006 April 5, 2006

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Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!  Lord, You’re worthy of all the glory and all the honor and all the praise!!!  Makes me want to shout!!!!

And dance and sing and cry and laugh and rejoice and celebrate…  Y’all just have no idea the absolute sense of relief that I’m feeling tonight.  While I’ve clearly felt the peace of God over the last week, it’s been a struggle to trust at times.  Tonight, the joy of the Lord is so strong that I can’t NOT praise Him!  God is good!!!  ALL THE TIME!!!  And all the time – GOD IS GOOD!!!

We got to the hospital this morning and they zoomed Chip through admitting and pre-op.  The drs office had told us to be there 45 minutes before (we found out later that we should be there two HOURS before – oops!) and in 20 minutes time, he was taken back for his bronchoscopy.

The dr came out less than an hour later and the first words out of his mouth were, “I did not see any tumor or any cancer.  I like to be up front with my patients and their families, but this time I did not see any sign of cancer.”

THANK YOU JESUS!!!  I could have danced right there.

What he did find was a lymph node that was swollen, which he took a biopsy of and sent off to pathology.  He said he would be VERY surprised if it came back as anything more than a simple infection (viral – a bacterial infection would have been cleared out by the antibiotics).  He did have pneumonia at one point and had some residue left in his left lobe, which the dr did “some scraping and a wash” to clean it out of there.  Chances are this is just a “pocket of infection” that settled into his chest.

We see the dr, Dr. Verma, again next week for the pathology report and when that comes back fine, they said they will repeat the CT scan in a couple months to make sure everything is all cleaned out.  He has the ok to resume activity as tolerated and fully intends to be back in the pulpit this Sunday.  THANK YOU JESUS!!!

I’ve got more thoughts running around in my brain and want to share more about God’s faithfulness through all of this, but it’s time for dinner and we have a million phone calls to make tonight and tomorrow (if I forget to call you, feel free to give me a call).  I’ll be back tomorrow.  For tonight, I’m going to snuggle my husband and together we’ll give God the glory!!!

Makes me want to shout – HALLELUJAH!!!


13 Responses to “Wednesday April 5, 2006”

  1. Anonymous Says:

     That is so amazing Rebekah!! I’ve had you guys on my mind a lot lately and have prayed God would work all this out for His glory.. Glad to hear the good report.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Praise God. Our God is able. I’m so happy! I’ve been waiting for an update. I’m about to cry.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow! I’m rejoicing with you and praying over the pathology results. Praying to for Chip to be fully healed and to regain all of his strength.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am sooo happy for you!  You didn’t know this, but you touched my heart with some of your blogs about how much you love your husband!  How much you depend on him, and need him so desperately.   I feel the same way about my DH to a T!!!  When I read about the mass, my heart just broke for you, just like it was my husband who had it!  I wondered how I would feel if it were him!  God literally woke me up nights to pray for you and your DH, and I made sure the prayer warriors at our church had this on their list to pray for you guys.  I literally cried today just thinking about you guys at the hospital. 

    I hope you don’t think this sounds sappy coming from a stranger, but I wanted you to know as a sister in Christ  I am praising the Lord with you tonight!!!  I told my DH and he is praising the Lord as well!!!!  (he’s out of town tonight)  I can’t wait to put it out tomorrow on the prayer chain as a BIG PRAISE!!!!!  God bless you!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You’ve been on my heart all day – I was so relieved to read your earlier post and am rejoicing with you guys tonight!  Praise God!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!  I am very relieved to hear from you.  Continuing in prayer!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    God is so GOOD! I am so happy to hear the news. Snuggle and enjoy your hubby.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Isnt God just good like that. We are praising God with you!!!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    PTL!!!! wooohoooo I am sooo happy to hear the news…YEAH GOD!!


  10. Anonymous Says:

    That’s fantastic news Rebekah! 

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Our God is such an AWESOME God!!!  Praising Him with you!! 

  12. Anonymous Says:

    AWESOME!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! Praising the Lord!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:



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