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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Sunday April 16, 2006 April 16, 2006

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I’m undoubtedly blessed!  The kids and I got up to go hear Chip preach at the community service this morning at 6:30.  I’ll tell you, there isn’t enough coffee in the world to get me up that early, but for my husband I’ll do just about anything.  And even though he would never have asked me to get up that early, I just felt the need to be there with him this morning.  I sure do love that man of mine!

We’re home for an hour between services.  We let the kids find their baskets because they were PEFECT in the sunrise service.  It’s no easy task to keep all four of them quiet by myself and often times I’m exhausted afterward, but today they were exceptionally good.  They made me proud this morning.  Several people commented on how they didn’t even realize the kids were there this morning because they were so quiet and so good.  Way to go Elijah, Kait, Noah & Seth!!!

In a few moments, we’ll head over to our church to have breakfast with the wonderful people we are blessed to be able to pastor.  I’ve heard horror story after horror story from people in the ministry, but our people just make it so easy.  Friends talk of the “difficult” people in their churches and I honestly can’t think of anyone in our church who would come close to fitting in that category.  It’s a blessing in every way to pastor this congregation.

While I’m at church, I’ll get to hear my husband preach for the second time today.  Have I said how much I really, truly ENJOY hearing my husband preach?  He is definitely called and it’s evident in his preaching capabilities.  And the fact that he’s so humble and always working to improve himself as a preacher and as a pastor warms my heart.  I’ve heard him preach more than anyone else in the world and I’m still interested week after week and find myself looking forward to it.  I can’t wait to hear this mornings sermon.

And I’m so incredibly blessed that 2000 years ago, Jesus chose to die on the cross for our sins, for my sins.  I can’t imagine the celebration that must have take place in Heaven when Jesus rose from the grave, conquering death and Hell.  I’m blessed to have undeniable hope that some day I’ll be able to join in the celebrating.

I hope you all find yourselves so blessed today.  I am feeling blessed exceedingly and abundantly this morning.  Have a very blessed Easter!!!


3 Responses to “Sunday April 16, 2006”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great post and I so enjoy reading about your family and dh…and I agree with you about being blessed by our church people…we’re that way too…we have one old fart that tries to give dh a hard time from time to time….but other than that….we are SO VERY blessed!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Bek, I totally understand what you mean about listening to your husband.  Billy is a great teacher and I get so much from him. Its truly a blessing to be have a husband that has a heart for God and his people.  I tell him often you are a great shephard, because you have a shephard’s heart. I see the way he loves people and I’m learing to love better just by watching him love. I love him more and more each day!!!!!!

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