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Thursday May 25, 2006 May 25, 2006

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Oh my goodness!  It’s going to happen!  I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years now.  4 years and three blogsites later, I settled on Xanga and installed sitemeter as a counter/tracker 2 years ago.  Today, I will break the 10,000 reader mark. WOW!  That just seems unbelievable to me.

(For those of you who have just realized the joy of trackers since Xanga recently installed them, let me encourage you to install sitemeter instead.  It gives you a more accurate account since it only counts each visitor once for your total.  For instance, Xanga said I had more than 100 visitors yesterday to my blog, but because I use bloglines, I know that it was really only the same 38 people visiting all those times.)

Not a whole lot going on around here that’s much of interest.  Noah is sick and throwing up.  Not sure what that is all about. I actually hung up on the guidance counselor from the highschool who was calling – on business no less – for my husband.  Noah puked almost on my feet, so close I had to jump out of the way! ICK!  However, he’s up and playing now so who knows what that was all about.  I’ll be shampooing the dining room carpet this afternoon.

Otherwise, my day will be spent in front of my computer.  Our day Saturday has been eaten up with family and friends and a wedding, so we’re in a mad race to get stuff done today and tomorrow.  We’re buying a new projector for the church, so that means that I finally get to put all of my PowerPoint skills to use.  I’m working on the announcements and then we’ll put together worship tonight or tomorrow so I can get that hammered out.  I’ve also got to finish the June newsletter that will go out on Sunday.  Not that I’m complaining.  Not only do I enjoy doing the computer work, but I thrive under pressure of a deadline so I should have no problems getting it all done today.

So, what were the thoughts on the American Idol and Lost finales last night?  I like Taylor (really wish Chris had one it though), but hated the song they came up with for him to have as his first “hit.”  What was the deal with the choir robes?  I don’t even think churches use them much anymore.  Overall, I think that it way lazy producing at it’s finest.  It doesn’t take a genius to think, “Let’s see how stupid we can make Pickler really look.  Let’s have a bunch of guest singers who follow the show and are begging to be on.  Let’s give away two cars (didn’t they look completely underwhelmed about it?).  Let’s see what other crap we can come up with to turn a 30 minute show (which was stretching it anyway) into a 2 hour special.”  I think we fast forwarded through all but Taylor and Chris’ performances.

And Lost?  Well, I’m still trying to process all that.  I think they could have ended the show before they did.  I think it would have been better to leave us wondering until next year if the island would blow up or not.  They *should* have ended when Locke said, “I was wrong.” about pushing the button.  Really, I’m not left wondering what will happen next year.  Jack had a plan.  Hurley and Michael know that plan.  My guess is Mike & Hurley with rendezvous with Sayid, Sun & Jin.  They’ll either return to camp and get more help or they’ll steal  in under cover of darkness and rescue the captive lostaways.  And the actual very end?  Charlie & Claire sharing a kiss???  WHAT was that?  LAME-O!!!  It was a good episode and hopefully the producers are learning from their mistakes as they go along.  Last night was a good lesson in what NOT to do for a season finale.


5 Responses to “Thursday May 25, 2006”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chris & Live was the best part of the show.  I hated the Pickler bit.  No one is that stupid.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on you 10,000 visitor!   Did they get a door prize?!!    I agree with you on AI … it was mostly a lame variety show.   And Lost, it was interesting to read your thoughts …. I didn’t watch enough of the season to understand a lot of last night …. I do like the show, just seem to miss it a lot!   Hope your kid stops puking soon! 

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Pickler was a riot, she is such a ditz. I do adore her new look though!

    Our church still uses choir robes, believe it or not. Last year when they were trying to talk me into joining the choir I told them I wouldn’t wear a robe…that I was robe-aphobic! LOL

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yaa, where’s my door prize? Lol. J/K.  🙂

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, here’s what I don’t get?  Jack & co. are the only ones who would happen to notice a thick black smoke rising through the air?  The others wouldn’t find that just a little fishy?  Come on!  Also how do the others not notice a big, white boat sailing onto their beach out of an empty ocean?  I refuse to believe they wouldn’t have allowed for at least the possibility that Michael would spill the beans and have a look out posted at their fake camp.  One thing I’ve been mulling over though, what do you think not-Henry meant when he said “we’re the good guys”?  Personally I can’t wait for Rousseau to make a reappearance.  She’s the last truly interesting one in the bunch.

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