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Tuesday September 19, 2006 September 19, 2006

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I hate using the loo in public.  For the most part, even if they are cleaned on an hourly basis, they are still fairly gross.  Or at least exude an element of grossness due to inadequate lighting.  Personally, I think the inadequate lighting is there so they don’t have to make sure they clean very well.  Which in itself is a catch 22 because unless you can actually see all the “ick”, how can you get it all cleaned up?

I’ve got a few suggestions to make public restrooms a bit better –

1) LIGHTING – make it bright.  I don’t want to have to guess if it’s supposed to be that way or if a light is burned out.  I want to be able to see if there is a puddle on the floor BEFORE I step in it.

2) FORGO LOW-FLOW – make sure when a person goes to flush the toilet, it’s going to flush.  Whatever happened to those ultra-power flushers they had when I was a kid?  Now most of the toilets don’t work any better than the ones in houses.  It’s one thing to have to reflush after my husband.  Another thing completely to have to reflush after a stranger.  Is there anything worse than walking into a bathroom with three stalls that ALL need to be flushed before they can be used?

3) SEAT COVERS – these are a MUST people.  MUST, MUST, MUST have seat covers.  Because if my foot accidentally slips in a puddle I didn’t see because of inadequate lighting while I’m squatting (because really, unless they come up with some sort of antibacterial toilet, I will NOT be sitting on one) and my bum touches an uncovered seat, I might sue.  They aren’t that expensive.  Most people don’t use them anyway (these are people who will actually SIT on public toilets), but making them available to customers who do want them says you care.

4) Doors to public restrooms should open OUT!!!  I *hate* it when I go into a public restroom and the handle is on the INSIDE of the door.  I’ve been in public restrooms and had up to 5 people walk out while I was washing my hands without washing their own.  They yank the door open by the handle with their icky hands and I’m left standing there wondering what kind of disease I might contract by pulling on that same handle.  Because if only 1 out of 5 people is washing their hands and then pulling on that door handle, well, you do the math!  If you’re a business and already have your doors installed, at least put a garbage can by the door so those of us who *do* was our hands have some place to put the papertowel we use to open the door.  Or better yet, just take the doors off completely unless it’s a one-person bathroom.

I’m thinking maybe there should be more bathroom attendants these days.  It would serve a couple purposes – if you run out of toilet paper because you did your business before you checked, someone would give it to you (anyone seen the Seinfeld episode about that topic “Can you spare a square?”).  There would always be someone constantly cleaning the toilets.  A quick spritz and wipe of the seat each time someone used it and a double check to make sure it actually flushed.  More people would probably feel like they *had* to wash their hands if someone was standing there watching.  And, if your doors open out, you could supply the bathroom attendant with rubber gloves so they were the one opening the door.  The world would definitely be a better place with bathroom attendants!


3 Responses to “Tuesday September 19, 2006”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    interesting thoughts, I especially agree with the direction the door swings, that’s bugged me forever. 

    Hey, why don’t you invent a little kit that fits in your purse, with a small refillable spray bottle that you can use to spray the seats, AND the faucets (I’m betting some of them are even worse then the seats), and a towelete to wipe it down, and maybe some hand santizer for afterwards!!  I actually just heard a report that said hand santizers are as good as washing, but don’t dry the skin out as much.   I bought myself some to use at school, as I’m around a lot of people, sharing computer keyboards and such!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    in Chicago airport the seats have a plastice linign that rotates to a fresh pieve of plastic for each new booty….

    I HATE it when there are no napkins to dry my hands. I hate the blowers… they don’t dry.. rumor is they are less sanitary then the paper towel….

    I like it when the garbage can is right by the door.. use the towel to open the door.. dispose of it while holding door open with my foot.

    I love it when they have the restraint seats for children … man I love those things… my kids ALWAYS wait until im seated to do somethign stupid ROFL

    they should have somethign to at least wipe the seat forst.. my daughter likes to put her hands on the seat then touch her face UGH

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hate public bathrooms too. Everything about them is gross. And the doors that open in…who can actually fit in there to shut the door?

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