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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Tuesday October 10, 2006 October 10, 2006

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That’s all I’ve heard all day.  My son went on a retreat this past weekend.  He went to bed last night exhausted and woke up sick this morning.  Seems like the same cycle every kid I know who ever went on a weekend trip without parents has gone through.  So, I’ve been listening to him cough and hack all morning.  I know part of it is allergies, but I have a feeling his body was just worn down so he’s got a cold now.  Hopefully he’ll feel better by tomorrow.

I talked with Gram yesterday.  I feel AWFUL that I haven’t been calling her as much as I’d like.  She told me that she’s been to the dr and has to see an oncologist on Thursday.  She said, “I’ll have none of this blubbering stuff” and reminded me that it does no good to worry until we have something to worry about.  I’d appreciate any prayers y’all can say for my Gram.  There is no real “evidence” of cancer – except she’s exhausted and her platelets are low.  Maybe say a prayer or two for me as well.  I’m not ready to lose my Gram.

Otherwise, things are coming along.  We had fun at the zoo yesterday.  Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I didn’t get to take any pictures.  Seth *loved* the monkeys and was making monkey noises/screeches at them.  We got to see the giraffes both outside and inside as they were bringing them in for the night when we were in the antelope house.  Elijah got to see his okapi.  Kait’s favorites were the leopards and cheetahs.  Noah *loved* the elephants – although we were a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see the baby ellie.  And of course, I was rushed through the penguin/puffin house because everyone else was getting cold (even though they all had on jackets/sweatshirts because I had the forethought to bring them.  But I could spend all day in there so maybe 15 minutes was long enough.  Seth thought the penguins were pretty cool too.

Today we’re home and hopefully I’ll get a nap this afternoon (or my energy will pick up).  I’ve got some cleaning to do and tomorrow I hope to be all packed and ready to go before dinnertime so we can just enjoy our evening together as a family.  Chip’s vacation officially starts about noon tomorrow (after a Council meeting).  And thursday morning we’ll leave for Nashville!  We can hardly wait!


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