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Monday December 25, 2006 December 25, 2006

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because of course they were EMPTY because we opened our gifts tonight!  We had a great time with family tonight.  We ate a wonderful (if I do say so myself) dinner of lasagna, which was followed by reading the Christmas story and then opening gifts!  We did things a bit differently this year and opened them one at a time starting with the youngest and working our way up.  I figured Granny wouldn’t mind since she made us all promise not to buy her anything anyway – which of course no one listened.

It’s a good thing Seth was the youngest because he did NOT understand what all that waiting business was about!  He was opening his first gift before we even had them all handed out.  He got a small Thomas backpack from Gramma & PawPaw with three geotrax cars inside.  Other items included a monkey chair, aquadoodle, LeapFrog animal magnets, pajamas, a book (which he would not move on from until he could take a look at it and hand it off to PawPaw with a promise to read it later) and various other items.

Noah was next and everything was wonderful for him.  It was fun to see him get so excited over pretty much everything!  He got a “camping” set with sports on it – tent (or sports arena as the package said – what kind of sports arena only seats 3?), sleeping bag, inflatable foldout couch, and the coolest part for Noah was that it came with his very own flashlight!  He also got a GameBoy Advance SP and his very own game (Larry Boy).  I’m not sure who was more excited about that – Noah or Elijah knowing he won’t have to share anymore.  Other items included: Cars pajamas, a Cars travel desk, a computer game, a Cars Mack truck playset, a bear with speakers in it that you can hook an iPod or walkman up to and more stuff.

Taet was next and he got some great things as well: a Leapster L-Max (my kids even though they got totally spoiled were still jealous), a HUGE playdoh set and Nerf gun (from us), clothes, books, a computer game & movie.  I’m sure I’m missing something, but those are his highlights.

Kaitlyn was generally thrilled with EVERYTHING she got.  Every single present brought a huge smile to her face and you could tell she was grateful.  She even said thank you after opening every gift – without being told!  I knew we were off to a good start when the first gift she opened was her pajamas and she giggled she was so pleased.  But who wouldn’t be with Strawberry Shortcake sparkly Christmas pajamas?  She did complain a bit while Taet was opening his gifts about the fact that Noah got a gameboy and that’s what she really wanted.  The look on her face when she opened her very own PINK gameboy was something that I’ll remember forever.  I thought she was sure to fly out of her chair she was so happy!  She also got a Dora gameboy game, makeup, socks, a sketch pad, chalk for her chalkboard she got for her birthday, her own Nerf gun just like the boys, a princess art/color book, a nail kit, underwear (she was a bit embarrassed but really liked them – she informed me last week she’s too old to have Strawberry Shortcake and Dora underwear anymore), a big fuzzy dog tote bag, and some other smaller items.

We moved on to Elijah – who apparently wanted nothing more than video games.  Which is good because that’s mostly what he got!  He got two Xbox games – Lego Star Wars II and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, a computer game (something about an African safari) and an Chronicles of Narnia game for the Gameboy.  Don’t worry though – he won’t sit around playing video games all day.  We also got him his own Razor scooter so now he can quit stealing his best friends all the time.  Other items included: pajamas, bathroom stuff, and other small stuff from his stocking.

The kids also each got a $5 gift card for Starbucks and the movie Akeelah & The Bee.  All in all, they were very pleased with their Christmas gifts.

Chip and I exchanged our gifts and were both pleased with what we got.  He got me my own personal space heater!!!!  WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT!!!  I am always so cold and this is just perfect!  I also got a large pan for making dinner in, a spectacular new robe that is so soft I could keep it on all the time and a new snowman lantern to add to my collection.

I got Chip a black button down french cuff shirt with a new set of cufflinks, a small tractor (inside joke), an iTunes gift card, and a popcorn popper (it’s an air popper and he wants the stove kind so we’ll be returning it this week) with the essentials for making popcorn – oil/topping, popcorn, salt, flavoring.

We each got a shirt from his brother and family and we got a combination gift from his parents – an 8 cup french press with timer, Christmas blend coffee beans – both decaf and regular, a Starbucks giftcard, and chocolate covered espresso beans.

We are feeling very blessed tonight.  I’ve got TONS of pictures coming.  Chip’s sister couldn’t be here, but I have a feeling she’s not going to feel like she missed much after she sees all the pictures.  I promise, tomorrow’s post will be more about the real meaning of Christmas instead of all the “stuff.”  We’ve a lot to be thankful for this year and more reason than ever to stop and reflect on the real meaning behind it all and why we do what we do.

Merry Christmas, every one!!!


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