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Saturday March 10, 2007 March 10, 2007

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I had planned on posting last night, but never got to it.  Instead, once we got home, we hit the DVR and watched the Illinois/Indiana game in the Big 10 Tourney.  BEST GAME OF THE SEASON so far!  Pruitt was on FIRE last night!  If they can play this afternoon against Wisconsin, they could actually win.  At least a win last night ensured that they’ll make the Big Dance later this month.  I *love* March Madness!!!

We had a great day yesterday.  We left shortly after lunch and headed over to Springfield.  Chip wanted to go to the bookstores, Elijah wanted to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and I’m always up for a reason to go to the mall!  When we got to the mall, Kait was beside herself to find a new t-ball glove!  A pink for for a leftie is impossible to find in the stores – an actually pretty hard to find online even.  And at only $10 it was a steal.  I contemplated buying the last two in case something should happen (probably good that I didn’t actually – but I’ll get to that in a minute).

After that, Chip and the guys went to the restrooms and Kait and I did a worldwind tour of the latest fashions in Limited Too.  We were in and out of the store in only 10 minutes.  That has got to be some kind of record – and probably a miracle too!  My Kait could spend all day long in that store.  We know you don’t let her try stuff on unless you have at the very least an hour.  I’m so glad that she’s a girly girl and loves doing that kind of stuff.  In a house full of boys, I need someone who shares my shopping gene!

Our next stop was the Mustard Seed.  Picked up Erwin McManus’ newest book, Soul Cravings, and a Colleen Coble book that was on clearance.  Chip got some split tracks and spent too long for the kids liking in the sound room.  So, we gathered up and headed over to Game Stop.  Things got a little crazy here and we had our first tantrums of the day.  Kait threw a fit and Noah threw a smaller one.  They ended up getting NOTHING because of it even though they both had allowance to spend.  Thankfully they both got over it rather quickly.

After leaving Gamestop, we wandered over to the pet store.  We were getting Seth out of the stroller when we realized that his diaper had erupted!  That boy has a drinking problem, which leads to his peeing problem!  So, we went into Sears instead – where I hit the jackpot!  For less than $17, I got Seth a pair of Cars pajamas and a Pooh/Tigger outfit and Noah a Reebox tracksuit and a sweatshirt.  While Chip was paying, Kait and Seth and I wandered down to look at the strollers and came upon the bathroom.  Kait went and got the paid for outfit from Chip and Seth and I went into the bathroom and changed his diaper.

I was changing Seth and told Kait, “Put your bag down and go to the bathroom.”  This is the back from the very first store we were in that she carried through the entire mall without losing.  Can you guess where this is going?  We got Seth changed and I remember looking at a bag on a chair and thinking someone had left their bag.  Apparently when I threw away the dirty diaper, I threw away part of my brain as well.

We left Sears and went to the store.  Looked at the animals and were almost through the mall back to our exit.  Suddenly, I noticed that Kait didn’t have her glove anymore!  Uh-oh!  So, we hustled back to Sears (because it dawned on me I had seen the bag without realizing what it was) but it was gone.  We checked the pet store just in case and then went back to check one more time at Sears.  Nope – no one had turned it in.  I will say the lady at the cashier station went above and beyond her call of duty.  She called the people in the departments closest to the restrooms, she called around to all the other cashier stations, she called customer service, she called lost and found.  When she realized it wasn’t turned in, she took down my name and phone number with a promise to call if someone turned it in. It was customer service at it’s finest and I only wish I could remember her name so I could write the company.  We left Sears and went and checked mall customer service and left our name/number there as well.  Not likely we’d drive all the way back to Springfield for a $10 glove though.  Although Chip’s parents will be there on Monday, so you never know.

We met back up with the guys at Dick’s, where we found an exhausted Chip from chasing a strollerless Seth around for the 45 minutes we looked for the glove.  We bought Kait ANOTHER pink baseball glove for a leftie (see my point about it being good we didn’t buy the only two leftie gloves the first time?) and Elijah bought himself a pair of sunglasses for the ball season coming up.  I will say this, my daughter the drama queen, dealt with the very real possibility that she would walk out of that mall without her tball glove very well.  There were a few sad looks, a moment of tears, but no tantrum.  I was VERY proud of her – and it’s probably the only reason I bought the second glove (that and the immense feeling of guilt I had for making her put the bag down in the first place!).

We did a tour of Target before heading to Panera (YUM-O!) for dinner and then coming back to Decatur where we stopped into Starbucks for a moment and got coffee and beans. Then a quick trip to Walmart to get the rest of our needed groceries for the week before coming home to put the kids in bed.  Long, but wonderful day!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like your day was great (except for the little lost glove ordeal!)  It’s always great to get outta town for the day.

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