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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Friday March 16, 2007 March 16, 2007

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That’s pretty much what I’m doing today.  I’m muddling through.  I’ve had a headache that’s bounced between migraine status and a managable headache for the last three days.  While I love spring and the warmer weather that it brings, the constantly changing fronts play havoc with my head.

No real plans for today.  Chip’s finishing up the painting at the church and we’re going to a friends house tonight for dinner at the Tourney.  Looking forward to spending some time with friends who love basketball as much as we do!  Not doing too badly on my bracket – although WHO would have called VCU beating Duke last night?  Except my husband that is.  Probably the biggest upset of the tournament.  It’s been more than 10 years since Coach K got held up in the first round.  It’s just not something that happens to Duke.  Looking for the 12-5 upset of the round tonight with Illinois.  (Suzanne – are you snoring yet?)  GO ILLINI!!!

I’m off to muddle some more.  Happy Friday…


3 Responses to “Friday March 16, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am so sorry. My migraine JUST left yesterday–after six stinking days. I FINALLY figured out it had to be weather related with all the tree pollen, etc. and that must be a trigger.  I hope you get better sooner than later. GO GET A STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Chip will run for you!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Oh, uh, sorry…were you talking to me?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, when the weather changes from hot to cold I feel like a walking barometer.   Excedrin migraine and lots of coffee usually ward them off for me.

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