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Saturday March 17, 2007 March 17, 2007

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Ok, not really, they do a great thing for people.  But I hate when your dr/NP leaves for the 4th time in as many years and you get passed on to a new dr that wants to go back and revisit every little thing.

We’re facing this now with Kait.  She’s on Zantac once a day for reflux.  A month ago, they took her down from twice a day to once a day.  I called earlier this week because she needed a refill and they told me I had to call the pharmacy and have them call.  I sooo don’t understand that!  Why can’t I call and give them the pharmacy name and just have them call it in?  It’s what Chip does every other month or so.  Anyway…

So, we go on Thursday because Kait is completely out of her med.  The pharmacy has contacted the drs office, but not heard back yet.  We can’t wait forever, so we stop in and ask MIL to check on it before she comes home.  Nope, not yet.  I call the drs office the next morning and she tells me they’ll call me back.  In the meanwhile, Target is still trying to contact the drs office (I know this because they called me TWICE that morning to let me know what was going on).  MIL goes in when she gets off of work on Friday and it’s still not done.  I know this because MIL and Target have both called me to tell me.  And although I’ve talked to the drs office again because I called, I’ve still not heard back from them.

At 5:30, the drs office FINALLY calls back.  They’ve filled Kait’s prescription, but they’d really like her to try going off of it completely.  Um, NO!!!  Now that’s she’s taking it only once a day, she’s popping Tums again.  And trust me, it’s not because she thinks they taste good.  She waits until she absolutely can’t stand the pain anymore to take them.  And they want to take her OFF of the meds that are helping her?  We waited SEVEN years to put her on meds in the first place.  And when *nothing* else would help and she was starting to eat Tums entirely too much, we finally put her on meds that changed so much for her.

So, Kait goes to see the dr on Monday afternoon.  I swear if he says we *have* to take her off of them, I might punch him.  I *will* switch the kids down to the dr that Chip sees if this is going to be an issue.  She’s had reflux since she was born and I know my daughter better than this dr who’s *never* seen her before ever will.  And while I know they go to school and get TONS of constant training, I’m just not so sure why they lack the common sense to trust the instincts of their patients or their patient’s parents on certain things (especially if they aren’t life and death issues)… *ugh*

On a brighter note – Chip went to register the kids for t-ball and baseball today.  The great news is there is a cap on how much you can pay per family.  Saved us a good chunk of money that I’m sure I’ll eventually spend at Starbucks over the next month or two.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I read somewhere in a nutrition book recently that said if you take apple cider vinegar it helps with the reflux. I’ll have to see if I can find it. It pretty much said that the problem isn’t too much acid, it’s not enough acid and that if you drink a certian amount it’ll clear it right up.

    I’ll see if I can find it.

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