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Wednesday March 28, 2007 March 28, 2007

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Ok, so my weekly AI recap is a bit overdue.  But the results aren’t in yet so I should still be ok…

Lakisha – not my favorite performance.  She sang well, but I was just rather bored.  It’s not really my kind of music and this is the point in the competition where the contestants really need to WOW me.  Lakisha did not.

Chris Sligh – I wanted to *love* his performance.  His vocals were spot on, his crowd interaction was great, but he was just a little off with the rhythm.  It threw the whole thing off and he could be in trouble tonight.

Gina Glockson – *LOVED* her!!!  By far her best performance and when I saw that they were doing songs that inspired Gwen Stefani I expected her to do well.  It’s just her type of music.  And she really brought it home with “I’ll Stand By You.”

Sanjaya – To steal a line from Simon, “What the bloody…”  *WHAT* was the deal with that hair?  OH MY!!!  I couldn’t even look at him.  I couldn’t take him seriously jumping around up there with that hair.  Some one please put me out of my misery and send him home already.  He’s just not ready for the competition.

Haley – Another one I’m wanting to go home.  She just made True Colors a bit too sweet for me.  I think I got a toothache.

Phil Stacey – Definitely helped me watch since he put on a hat tonight.  What was up with his eyebrows though?  It looked like the stylist went a little crazy with the brow defining and fill-ins.  He did a good job with Every Breath You Take.  No low notes to freak me out.

Melinda Doolittle – like Lakisha, she’s starting to bore me.  I think it’s because she really doesn’t have much room for improvement.  It’s not a concert that I would buy tickets too most likely (just not my type of music), but she knows who she is and she could sing anything.

Blake Lewis – Lovesong by The Cure.  Great song, great song choice.  But I’m starting to wish that he’d start picking songs that I don’t like and making them good instead of messing up songs that are already great.  You don’t need to try and improve on perfection and The Cure is about as good as it gets.  Maybe he could try picking something by NKOTB and making me *love* it.  Now *that* would impress me! ROFL!  But he did great.  The funniest thing about his performance to me though was that his hair was all flat and unimpressive.  Completely the opposite of The Cure.

Jordin Sparks – Hey Baby isn’t an easy song to sing but she got her groove on.  I’m not sure it was really her – seemed like a nice kid trying to cop an attitude and I’m just not sure it really worked.  But she sang and performed it well.  I’d give her the most improved award so far this season.

Chris Richardson – someone please send him home.  He’s B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  He’s not fun to watch, he sings through his nose and I want to buy him a pair of shoes that aren’t stark white.  I’m actually not sure who I want to go home more – him or Sanjaya.  At least with Sanjaya I have an element of shock every week.  Chris Richardson just makes me want to fall asleep.


On a completely different note, Elijah has a new television show.  He’s fallen in love with Mario Batali and his orange chucks.  We’ve been watching Molto Mario a lot in the mornings on FOOD and now I’ve got this insatiable craving for all things pasta.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a pasta that I didn’t love, but right now I’ve got a desperate need for some gnocchi.  It’s already on the list for dinner one night next week.  Anyone know where I can get some gnocchi paddles?  While using a fork is just as easy, I think the kids might get a kick out of using the paddles to help.  I wonder if I could get enough people locally intersted in doing a pasta day?  Just a bunch of us getting together to make homemade pasta that we can freeze?  One thing I learned coming from a large extended family is that the more hands, the lighter the work load.  But right now I’m wondering if I can actually hold off until next week before making the gnocchi…


4 Responses to “Wednesday March 28, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You pretty much summed up my thoughts on last night’s AI.  I love Blake but didn’t care for his rendition of “Love Song” last night.  I hope either Haley or Chris R. goes tonight.  I know lots of people like him, but I can’t take his whiny voice much longer.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I totally missed it. Didn’t get home from church until 9 o’clock. But I might get to watch the elimination tonight, so thanks for giving me a heads up on what to expect from it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow – they should hire you to sit on the judges panel!   LOL

    I thought too that Jordin looked like a little girl trying to sing a big girl song…….but I did dance to her version as I was brushing my teeth……….it was fun to listen to.  :0)

    Just for the record, gnocchi is one of my very favorite Italian dishes!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    If you teach me to make gnocchi I’ll teach you the ravioli that I make! Gnocchi is Wayne’s favorite, I made it once (homemade) and didn’t do a very good job, I need to be taught so I don’t have to buy the kind at the store!

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