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Sunday April 8, 2007 April 8, 2007

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I think Easter is my favorite Sunday of the year.  It’s nice to celebrate Christmas and even Good Friday, but the REAL celebrating happens on Resurrection Sunday.  If it weren’t for the resurrection, life would have no hope and I’d probably feel a lot like Solomn did in Ecclesiastes – “Everything is meaningless!”  How exciting is it that we no longer have to live without hope?  That we can live in freedom – knowing we fight not *for* the victory, but *from* the victory?  That Christ has already paid the price that we could live eternally?  *THAT*, my friends, is something to get excited about.

Our day started extremely early – but later than we wanted it to.  Thank God someone got sick!  How often can you say that?  At 5:30am, someone came over and knocked on the door and said, “…….. is sick, we need your dad’s help” when Elijah answered the door!  Thank God Elijah was up!  We had set the alarm for 5am, but never heard it – it did NOT go off!  We didn’t set a back up alarm or arrange a wakeup call because Chip *never* oversleeps!

I will say this though – oversleeping and having only 25 minutes to shower and get ready for an important Sunday like today – well, it’s more of a boost than any cup of coffee I’ve ever had!  Couple that adrenaline rush with just the general excitement of it being Easter and I was PUMPED this morning!

The Sunrise service went off really well.  And I had a first happen (I think it’s technically a second actually).  I had someone come up to me and thank me for all the work that went into the powerpoint and setting it all up and getting it to run smoothly.  He went on and on about how great the graphics were (I worked on them for almost 3 weeks) and how impressed he was.  And I was able to just simply say, “I like to do my best with the talents God has given me!”  I *love* using the computer and being able to use it to glorify God in a way like that – so that others can draw closer to him through multimedia presentations, be it a video or worship slides or sermon slides or whatever else – brings a joy to my heart that is just unexplainable.  I think it’s one of the reasons why I love seeing others use their gifts – not because it makes my life easier (which it does), but because I know the absolute JOY that comes when you are able to do something that you’re good at for God.

After the Sunrise service (it was a community service – and was VERY good), our church hosted the breakfast.  I must say that our PrimeTimers knocked it out of the park!  I can’t say enough good about the group that was there early – at 5am – to set up.  I can’t say enough GREAT things about the team that has been working on organizing this breakfast for the past two months.  They did a wonderful job and it’s a proud moment to be able to call them part of the team!  From everyone to came to help set up, to those who helped clean up (we had one lady still there cleaning up after our regular service), to those who met the needs of our community as they fellowshipped after we worshipped – I can’t thank them all enough!  If you’re reading this, you know who you are!  God bless each and every one of you!

After breakfast, we were able to come home for a while.  The kids looked for their Easter baskets (only a chocolate bunny this year and a small toy), I made two pans of lasagna, and then one of the ladies came over to visit with me and the kids for a while before our service.  Soon Chip’s mom was here and we were enjoying coffee and heading back to the church for more breakfast and to get ready for our Resurrection service.

LOVED the sermon this morning – I love listening to my husband preach and the sermon (part of a series called Death & Taxes) really hit home.  Worship went well – with only a minor glitch or two with the computer stuff (what could I expect after everything went so smoothly earlier).  Chip timed his sermon just right too – he was on his closing point when I hit my wall and started to get foggy.

After church, the kids did a treasure hunt for a treat from the Children’s dept – it was great fun watching them all run from one point to another as they followed clues.  And they candy was MINIMAL – which is always a blessing to me (and other parents I’m sure).  We got our clothes changed and then headed down to the ‘rents for Easter dinner – lasagna, garlic bread, salad.  YUM-O!  I make a mean lasagna if I do say so myself!

We got home about 3:30, Kait stayed with PawPaw, the older boys watched Happy Feet and the rest of us took a nap.  We hung out at home for the rest of the night, watched Happy Feet (cute movie) and then put the boys in bed to watch Empire Strikes Back (for the first of many times they’ll watch it this week, I’m sure).  They passed out halfway through the movie – which is good since tomorrow kicks off birthday week!

That’s right, my birthday is TOMORROW!!  WOOHOO!!!  Chip’s mom & dad gave me my gift today – a really nice, Starbucks green travel mug and giftcard (do they know me or what? I guess it didn’t hurt that every time I went in there I was telling her which mug I liked).  I’ll use it tomorrow for our trip to Springfield for the annual pilgrimage to Chuck E. Cheese.  Yep, going to Chuck E. for my birthday – but really to celebrate for Noah, who’s bday is on Wednesday.  Chip’s nephew will come back with us for a week after we’re done there and then we have a long week of fun planned!

All in all, it’s been a joyful day.  A wonderful day.  A long day.  A blessed day.  Happy Easter!!!


5 Responses to “Sunday April 8, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy birthday to you, Bek!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday Bek!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like it was a great weekend!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Congratultations on the power point-I am a fellow power point assembler and love it, too.  Happy birthday today…hope it goes as well as your Easter Sunday!

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