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Wednesday May 2, 2007 May 2, 2007

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I was worried about “rock” night – none of them are rock singers, so I was nervous.  And when they announced they would all be doing Bon Jovi songs, I cringed on the inside. Bon Jovi was “the” band when I was growing up – it was one of the bands that everyone knew a song of theirs whether they listened to that type of music or not.  And to know that these people, who just are not rock stars, would be singing these songs, well, I just wasn’t sure what to expect.

Phil – Did a great job.  He said he’s been practicing this song in the mirror for 15 years – and it shows!  But like Simon said, there wasn’t a whole lot of originality to it.  It was pretty much a carbon copy of the CD.  It was good, but was it enough?  I’m not sure.

Jordin – Awful.  She tried, but it was a mess from start to finish and even she knew it.  Her song choice killed her this week and she’s on the bubble.

Lakisha – I didn’t enjoy it at all.  I know the judges said she did well and I think she did as well as she could with what she had.  I think she’ll go home tomorrow night though.

Blake – ok, I’ll admit I was nervous when they said he was going to change this song.  “Shot through the heart…”  It’s a line you can’t hear and not sing in your head.  Even my Gram knows that song.  And Jon said he was changing it and he was nervous.  He took a huge risk.  And it worked for him!  I *loved* it!  I was blown away that I liked it as much as I did.  He completely changed the song and it just really worked.  Chip said AI may have finally found their “iconic” star they’ve been looking for all these years.  More than just a pop idol star, but a real talented musician the likes of whom has not been scene since the early 80’s (think Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, etc…).  If Blake goes home tomorrow night, something is terribly wrong with this competition.

Chris R. – Someone send him home already.  He did as well as he could with the song, but I just didn’t like it.  I’m not a big R&B fan, he sings through his nose, I just want him to go.

Melinda – She proved once again that she can sing anything.  Chip called it before the judges ever did – “A young Tina Turner” and I couldn’t agree more.  She is a star and continues to shine from one week to the next.

I have no idea who will go home.  I’d be safer saying that I think Blake & Melinda will be safe this week with the rest of them fighting it out over the remaining two spots in the competition.  Tomorrow night should be interesting.


2 Responses to “Wednesday May 2, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I loved Blake’s performance and I usually hate it when they change up a classic song.  He did a great job and I loved the dark hair on him.  I was also surprised that Melinda did well on rock night.  I expect that Chris will go home tonight.  I think the other could be either Lakisha or Phil.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I felt sorry for Jordin. I love her, she’s so cute and I want her to stay! But it was really not good. I didn’t get that Lakisha sang so well at all, either. I thought the judges would slam her and then they just ate her up? What’s up with that? Loved Blake, too. He’s just fun. Ready for Chris R. to be gone, too.

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