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Friday June 8, 2007 June 8, 2007

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I can’t believe that it’s Friday already!  For as much as the month of May seemed to drag on, this first week of June has gone warp speed!  And the crazy thing is we didn’t even do that much!

And as much as I’m sure y’all are DYING to hear about our trips to Target and Kroger this week, I think I’ll just hit the highlights.

*Kait got a new bike this week.  Her old one needed the back tire replaced and then the rusty old chain wouldnt’ stay on.  We were contemplating what to do to fix it and thinking we’d probably just replace it since you can replace a bike for about as little as you can fix it.  We stopped to look at the bikes at Target so she could pick one out for when we got to the point we’d actually buy her one and she picked out her “favoritest” – which just happened to be on clearance for less than $25.  So Kait got a new bike.

*Elijah had friends over on Tuesday.  One of the kids that I sit for and a mutual friend of their’s.  He just asked me this morning when that could happen again.  I told him soon as long as they agreed that they wouldn’t play video games ALL day long.  He said that was fine and is now making plans.

*Granny is in the hospital.  She was certain she had a blood clot on Monday and she called and made herself a drs appt.  She was right and she’s been in the hospital since then.  She should get out in the next couple of days.  Not sure if she’ll be able to go home by herself right away, but you can tell she’d think anywhere is better than the hospital.  We’ve been up to see her twice with the kids and Chip has gone up every day.

*We took the kids to the petting zoo at the library yesterday to kick off the Summer Reading program.  Out of about 50 kids that were there, Noah won the door prize!  It’s a reading program t-shirt that is way too big (their smallest size was an adult small).  He’ll be wearing it for pajamas I’m sure.  Seth LOVED the animals – especially the goats and horses.  Kait says she thinks she’d like to join the Flea Flickers (the local 4-H club) and raise a rabbit.  I told her maybe in the fall because her dad and I would have to talk about it.

*We have nothing on the agenda for today.  But we’ve heard that there is a “petting zoo” ??? with tigers and camels and elephants at the Rural King in Mattoon.  WHAT is that all about?  Tigers at a petting zoo?  Can you really pet them without them trying to EAT you?  Chip’s got a drs appt and then he’ll go see Granny.  I guess we’ll see what the weather is like after he gets home and plan the rest of our day from there.

I can’t believe the weekend is here again already.  Elijah’s got a game tonight, Noah has his very first t-ball game EVER at 9 tomorrow morning, friends of ours are having an auction and then Kait has her very first coach pitch baseball game at 11.  Should be another busy weekend!


3 Responses to “Friday June 8, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My daughter got a new motor scooter this week for her b’day compliments of her Nana and Pappy. I’m real excited about that. Not. She is already a maniac on her bike–speeding up and down the drive, I can’t imagine how it’s going to be with an actual motor attached! I got a good idea yesterday when it slid out from under her on the grass and she went rolling…right into some thistles! Joy, joy.

    I’m sorry to hear about Granny! That’s a scary thing. I hope everything gets better asap.

    Have a great busy weekend! Hope all your kids’ teams win!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You’re kidding! You mean YOU went to Target?



  3. Anonymous Says:

    you’ve been tagged, visit my site to see!

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