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Friday June 22, 2007 June 22, 2007

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Yesterday morning, Chip and I got up bright and early to spend the day together.  We had dropped the kids off at Gramma & PawPaw’s the night before.  The plan was so we could sleep in a bit and then get an earlier start than if we had to get the kids up and ready.  Well, apparently I was too excited, because at 6:30 my eyes popped open and that was it for me.  I could *not* go back to sleep.

So, we got up and got ready to go.  At about 9:45, we rolled into the outlet mall in Tuscola.  Apparently, we were there at about the same time all of the mess with the shootings started in the area (click the link to read the story – you might have actually seen it on FoxNews yesterday).  We were checking out at the last store when one of the employees told her boss, “The people from Arcola are going to be late because of the shootings.”  Then when we were on our way from Tuscola to Decatur, we passed several unmarked SUV’s that were flying down the road towards the Tuscola/Arcola area.  Chip said, “They look like FBI.”  That’s when we finally called his mom to find out what was going on.

Anyway, we had a good day at the mall.  I found Elijah’s science curriculum for $20.  Well, Chip found it actually.  I picked up a couple new books at the discount Christian bookstore.  Chip found some much needed shirts for church. And we hit a mega-sale going on at the Gap.  I *finally* found some shorts that I like – they are a decent length, a great color, and they fit me wonderfully – for only $9.99 a pair!  Maybe now these pathetically white legs of mine will get some color.

When we got to Decatur, we went to Cheddar’s for lunch.  I had their fajita chicken quesadillas.  YUM-O!!!  Seriously some of the best quesadillas I’ve ever had.  After lunch we hit the mall.  Chip is on a quest to find a pair of tennis shoes.  And apparently we’ve flipped in our searches (see the post below) because he simply can’t find any.  I, on the otherhand, found *another* pair of shoes.  Flip-flops!  Something I can never find that fit my feet right.  But these fit perfectly!  So perfectly that we went for a walk last night and I wore them and I didn’t have any issues with my feet or my ankles until well into the night.  We went to Target after we were done at the mall (where Chip did find a pair of “dressy” tennis shoes on clearance, but not what he was looking for).  I was looking for jeans and they had only about 15 pairs of womens jeans in the entire store!  And those were marked down on clearance and they so did not have my size.  But, we walked back to look at the electronic stuff because we still owed Elijah a birthday present.  And there it was!  A TV/VCR/DVD combo.  Marked down on clearance for about $80 less than it had been the week before.

We got home and got the kids to ball practice.  Noah had a good night.  Kait *was* having a good night until she ran to cover third and got knocked down by the runner slide into the base.  Then a number of factors – it being 95 degrees, us not having eaten dinner yet, her being tired from spending the day at Gramma’s – all came into play and she needed her momma!  Thankfully practice was about over.

Once we got home, the kids and I came inside to eat some dinner.  Three of them had waffles, one had a bowl of cereal and I had some peanut butter toast.  There is just something about being out in that intense heat that makes you lose your appetite.  Chip had a meeting to go to at the church and once he was done, he ate dinner and we went for a walk.

Where did we walk to?  The new ice cream shop – the Dairy Den – here in town!  It’s not too far from the house and we brought the neighbor kids (who were already there and back again) and she pushed the stroller home for us.  Can I just say that the prices are SOOO reasonable and the Oreo “Wolf Attack” (like a blizzard) was so much better than any I’ve ever had at Dairy Queen.  Kait got a brownie sundae for $1.49!  I wish I would have had a camera to take her picture when they handed it to her.

We walked home and I stopped to chat with our neighbor/friend for a while before coming inside.  We could see some lightening off in the distance and we’d heard there were storms to the north and the south of us.  We finally put the kids in bed at about 10:30 and then about 11ish we went to bed.  And then it happened!  The thunder and the lightening actually got closer.  And by 11:30, we could hear RAIN hitting the windows!  The storms had all passed for the most part by 12:30 and thankfully only two of the kids woke up (the older two – go figure).  So, at 12:30, I drifted off to the sound of that beautiful, wonderful rain hitting my window!  It was the perfect end to a perfect day!


3 Responses to “Friday June 22, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad y’all had fun!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like it was indeed a good day!! What a nice sound….rain on the roof. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice! Sounds like a fun day. I didn’t hear anything about any shootings, what happened? Oh, and we didn’t get one drop of rain!

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