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Monday August 13, 2007 August 13, 2007

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  For the most part, I don’t like hotels.  Sure, I love that someone else is going to clean up after me and make my bed and such, but they are usually expensive, the bed nowhere near compares to my bed at home, the lighting is inadequate, the room has too much furniture cramped into too small of a space, etc…

NONE of that was true of our hotel experience in Indianapolis this past week.  We decided VERY last minute that we were going to stay overnight.  We decided VERY VERY last minute that we would stay in a hotel (we were hoping to stay with a friend, but she had family coming into town that weekend).  So, it was Tuesday night before I was online looking for a hotel room.  I certainly didn’t expect to find one downtown since I knew our conference alone was going to be bringing roughly 25,000 people into the area.  But I jumped on to and searched for hotels and found a 4-star hotel in downtown Indy.  The only problem with Hotwire is you never know the exact location or hotel name until you book, but it was a great price so I took the risk.

They booked our reservation at a hotel called University Place Hotel and Conference Center.  I looked online and while it was missing things that we’d have enjoyed like a pool (which we didn’t have time for anyway) and a contintental breakfast (*snaps fingers* well, that just *forced* us to grab Starbucks for brekky), it did have a very modern look on the website and we were generally pleased with what we got for our money.

Until we got to the hotel!  When we got there and were checking in, the pleasant hotel clerk handed us our key and said, “I gave you a free upgrade.”  We walked up to our 8th floor room and entered our junior suite (it said so on the door) and the room was so WONDERFUL that I told Chip I wish I had the digital camera so I could take pictures to share with all of blogdom!  There was a spacious kingsize bed, a couch, chairs, coffee table, flat-panel television and so on.  The feel was sleek and contemporary.  It was such a nice hotel that there was even a robe in the closet!  The bed wasn’t *quite* as comfortable as our bed at home, but it was close. OH! And the water pressure was great and it had two huge windows for lots of natural light!


I’d definitely recommend this hotel to anyone going to Indy.


One Response to “Monday August 13, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s beautiful!  It sounds like you had a fantastic trip and feel rested and energized.  Glad you had fun!


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