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Where on earth are you? October 6, 2007

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The kids and I were playing around on Google Maps tonight.  Have y’all seen this?  We revisit from time to time.  They combine satelitte imagary with street maps to give you an arial view of pretty much anywhere on earth.  Depending on the area that you live in, you can pull in pretty tight.  You can’t see much in our area, but thankfully we live next to one of those biggest buildings in town (our church building), so we can at least see that.  Tonight, we explored the town I grew up in and found my Gram’s house.  The kids thought that was really cool.  You can see the ramp up to the front door, the deck off the back, the park closeby if you zoom out just a bit.  They went to bed dreaming of places that we can look up next week for part of our school lesson.  I’m thinking this could be a pretty cool way to pull up different things in different states as we study US geography this year.

Anyway – here are a couple of screen captures that I pulled off tonight.  You know exactly where I am now…. if you’re watching from a satellite anyway.

In this one – I circled the church (click the pictures to make them bigger).  It’s the white blob in the middle of the pink circle.  That’s the nice, big, flat roof of the church…

home on google earth

And this is my Gram’s house…

Grams on google earth

So, where do you live?  And can you find your house via satellite?  Be careful – Big Brother is watching!  And apparently watching you closer the bigger the city you live in!


One Response to “Where on earth are you?”

  1. Summer Says:

    I love this site. I’d share a picture of where I live…but it’s only a picture of the foundation of the house. Apparently they haven’t updated pics from this area in over three years.

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