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The Office so far… October 25, 2007

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First, I must say that my home office is coming along nicely.  We are in the process of moving a lot of the toys out of this room and upstairs into the bedrooms.  Seth is getting old enough to play up there now and it’s really nice to know that the “spillage” will only affect the hallway upstairs now and no longer my living room.  We are making room for a new bookshelf (that is severely limiting Chip’s space in the garage around his workbench) and the new-to-us treadmill.  I think I’ll be able to see the TV from where we plan on putting it (in front of the big picture window) otherwise I know I’ll be able to turn it to see the computer screen and I can just watch movies.  I’m looking forward to walking tomorrow.

Second, I realized that we are on week 5 of The Office and I really haven’t given my opinion on the season thus far.  I know at least Summer is interested in what I have to say, so I figured I’d go ahead and give my opinion before I watch tonight’s episode…

Week 1 – Fun Run: Loved it!  Maybe it was because I was Office deprived all summer, but I still think it’s hilarious.  The fact that Dwight “mercy killed” Angela’s cat was just too much. And Jim and Pam finally together – not everything that I thought it would be, but still funny.  Love Pam with her hair down. And loved the lamp that Pam picked up at the yard sale.  I know exactly where I’d put it in my house!  Oh! And the best part – “Support the Rabid!” bracelets!  I know at least 2 people who are getting them for Christmas! Best part – Andy’s nipple chafing.  I mean, who does that actually happen to?  Especially halfway through a 5k?

Week 2 – Dunder Mifflin Infinity: Poor Toby. He just wants Pam. And all Pam wants is Jim. I think Ryan’s a dork.  Probably even more so than Michael.  He’s book smart and “gadget friendly” but how is this man a VP of anything?  Love the irony of him trying to take a paper company and make all of their “goings on” paperless. And *loved* when Pam shot him down!  Anyone else know that two episodes in a row Michael got into some sort of car accident? (which makes me jump ahead and wonder if that’s why they traded in the Sebring for a Porshe?)  Best quote: “A machine told me to drive into a lake.”  Even funnier is that a few days later we had lunch with friends of ours and their car told them to turn and drive on the railroad track. HILARIOUS!

Episode 3 – Launch Party: I almost died when Meridith had Jim sign her cast. Seriously could *not* breathe!  The contest between Dwight and the computer was great.  But poor Dwight.  All he did was kill her cat and yet Angela dumped him.  And Michael taking the pizza boy prisoner?  Oh. my. goodness.  Best quote: “Easy, booster seat!” (Michael talking to Angela).

Episode 4 – Money: Jan really did crash and burn, didn’t she?  I mean, who goes from working in a corporate job in New York City to being a moocher taking advantage of and spending her boyfriends money?  I mean she must have had some ambition at some time, did she really lose it all?  Maybe that was just pointing to her getting some sort of job in future episodes? No idea.  How sad that Michael felt he needed to hide the fact that he had a second job.  Unfortunately, it was just kind of sad to me because I saw a lot of the same issues that we deal with that people in real life have when they live together before marriage.  There were some funny moments, but I’ve only seen it once all the way through and I’m having a hard time putting my finger on the funniest right now.  Best quote: “I *DECLARE* BANKRUPTCY!” Like that was going to be enough!

Tonight is week 5.  We’ll watch after we put the kids in bed.


2 Responses to “The Office so far…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    “Give me a break
    give me a break
    break me off a piece of that
    ___ ___ ___”

    What IS that line?


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