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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

The morning that almost wasn’t… October 27, 2007

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Chip and I slept until 11am this morning.  We never do that – especially Chip.  I guess the trauma from yesterday was a bit more than we thought on our bodies.

And I only got up because I heard the dog jump the gate to come upstairs.  Something she never does.  But it was 11am and her doggy bladder can only hold so much.

It’s good that she woke us up though because we were able to take care of getting a rental car this morning.  Chip got up and got on the phone to his dad right away and 20 minutes later when he got to our house, Chip and I were both showered and out the door.

“Unfortunately” Enterprise didn’t have any rentals availabe in the size we were alotted by the insurance company.  They wanted to know if we would be ok if we were to drive around in a Cadillac until we got things with our car settled.  While that would have been just great, Chip asked for a mini-van.  We ended up with a Nissan Pathfinder – big enough to fit us and all the kids.  Something that we really, really needed.

We are both sore this morning.  I’ve got a nasty seatbelt bruise appearing over my collar bone and my right shoulder is killing me.  Still going to try and hold off until Monday and see the dr in her office.  A word of wisdom to those of you who say you’ve often thought about throwing your hands up to shield your face in case of airbag deployment – make sure it’s your “non-use” hand.  I threw my right arm up in front of me and I’m paying for it today.  And of course I’m right handed so it’s making my life that much more complicated.

But, we are doing ok.  Thankful for Chip’s parents and the wonderful blessing they are to us all the time – but especially in times of crisis. Thankful for our church family who are rallying to take care of things that Chip just isn’t up to right now. (Soooo thankful that our church knows how to be the Church).  Thankful for all of the things that could of happened that didn’t.  Thankful that even through all of this, we know God will work it out for HIS glory.  Thankful that *all* things are going to work together for good.


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