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The morning after the morning after… October 28, 2007

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After a restless nights sleep, we’ve arrived at the morning after the morning after the accident.  I’m better able to guage what is real pain and what is just soreness/achyness from the accident.

No doubt about it, I’ve hurt my shoulder and collar bone where there seatbelt hits.  My collarbone is swollen, tender to the touch and looks funny. *ugh*  We’re going to urgent care after church.

Chip’s knees are pretty banged up and I have a question for you all.  When he went to the ER, the dr came in and talked to him very breifly (again, they wouldn’t let me back so this is all from Chip) and sent him for an xray.  He waited for the xray to come back, came in and told Chip that nothing was broken and discharged him.  Not once did a doctor even physically TOUCH him.  Would you consider that a thorough exam of his knee or would you be making him call his dr on Monday morning to get it rechecked?  It hurts when he puts weight on it, it’s very swollen and the bruises are various shades of dark green, purple and yellow.  What would you do?

Will update when we’re home from the hospital.  I am so not looking forward to this.


3 Responses to “The morning after the morning after…”

  1. Jill Says:

    I likely wouldn’t have it rechecked yet. The x-ray results were more reliable then his touch, (just my assumption here), and I wonder if the doctor thought touching it would only aggrivate the bruising more. This is just my guess. I’d wait a bit, and if he’s still having trouble in a week I might go have it rechecked. But this is coming from someone who toughs it out likely longer then she should because she finds it a real nuisance to go to the doctor. If there are insurance issues involved, well, that’s another story and I think I’d go immediately in that case.

  2. Val Says:

    have Chip have his knee checked by is DR, just to be safe.

  3. Summer Says:

    Wow…haven’t visited your blog in awhile…so sorry to hear all of this! How scary! I hope the bumps, bruises and soreness heal quickly.

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