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Adventures in ebay-motoring… December 11, 2007

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Yes, we really did buy a car on eBay. We bought from a place in Houston, Texas called Texas Auto Direct and I would recommend them to anyone. They were friendly, helpful, and would have shipped our vehicle to us for about the same price we spent going down to get it (although they we wouldn’t have had *any* vacation this year).

They sent a driver to pick us up at the hotel on Tuesday morning, detailed our vehicle for us and let us test drive it. Which is good since there had been a mix-up of sorts with our bank on Monday before heading out of town and we’d been unable to get a cashiers check before getting on the plane. We used the handy GPS built into my phone to find the closest branch of our bank and got there and back without incident.

There were a couple minor things wrong, which they fixed before we left. One of them will have to be fixed again – the autogate on the rear liftgate doesn’t work, but it’s something that only a minor inconvience.

The van is GREAT! It’s a silvery-blueish-purlpley color depending on the light it’s in. It’s been in the south all of it’s life, so no worry about salt damage. Leather HEATED seats, VCR for the kids (we’ll upgrade to a DVD as a Christmas gift with some money they are getting), auto sliding doors, and a bunch of other perks. We got exactly the van we were praying for, with the mileage we wanted for the price we wanted.

Was it worth it? Yes. Would I buy off of eBay motors again? Definitely. It will probably be the first place we look when we buy our next vehicle.


One Response to “Adventures in ebay-motoring…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    You’re gonna love those heated seats! We’ve had ours for a few years now and *ahem* I’ve had a hot butt ever since! ROFL

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