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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

So, I’ve set a few goals… January 15, 2008

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Not just for 2008, but for as long as it takes for me to accomplish it. And because there is nothing quite like accountability, I figure why not put it out there for all of blogdom to see…

  •  I’m going to stop feeding my husband and kids so many processed foods. I don’t do a lot of that now, but I’ve realized lately that we don’t have leftovers for lunches anymore. The kids are getting older and they are eating more. I’m going to have to readust the budget so that I can make bigger meals, which will give them healthier lunches instead of depending on processed foods like mac & cheese and hot dogs.
  • Which leads me to number 2 – I want to put together a working budget. And I want to work it with my husband. I’m not very good with money. There – I said it! I don’t need a lot, but pastors don’t make a lot. And we’ve lived without a budget for so long that it’s pretty much killing us by this point. When unexpected things come up, like spending $150 more than I’d planned for to register our car, it throws us into a spiral that takes us time to catch up on. We’re in an upward swing, but the important thing that came out of this was that I realized that unless my husband and I work together to get control of this thing, it’s never going to happen. And the only reason it hadn’t happened before now was that I was stubborn and didn’t want to. I had to ask God’s forgiveness and then had to ask my husbands. That was humbling.
  • I want to start a savings account. My plan is to open an ING Direct savings account sometime in February and build up some savings. We have none. I don’t like having things come up that throw us off. It’s the first thing we need to remedy. My goal is to have $1000 in savings by the end of the year (thank you Dave Ramsey). We’ll see how that goes.
  • I want to get my book out of my head and down on paper. I’m still not quite sure which direction I want it to take. I need to discipline myself to just start writing and see what happens. I love to write, so I don’t know why this is so hard for me. I’ve got a couple ideas for “themes” for the book – maybe I need to run them by someone. Or maybe y’all could tell me what story you’d like me to tell?
  • I want to organize my house. I’ve got a whole post coming on this one very soon – maybe even later today. So I won’t bore you with those details now.

Ok, so that’s enough for now. I’ll try and keep y’all updated as the year goes on. This week I’m doing well so far for dinner. Sundays I dont’ cook, but we did have leftovers for lunch (turkey stroganoff). The kids had cereal and Chip and I had popcorn for dinner.  Yesterday we had chicken, garlic rice italiano and corn. Tonight we’re having spaghetti.  And tomorrow night we’re having ribs and potatoes. I’m starting to find my rhythm again and I’m enjoying it. I just wish my kitchen was laid out a little better.

So, there you go my faithful blog readers. I’ve set some goals – don’t be afraid to check in from time to time to see how I’m doing on them…


6 Responses to “So, I’ve set a few goals…”

  1. Jodi Says:

    A budget is a great idea. Start simple, you can always make it more detailed as you get used to the idea of living with a budget.

    I have an ING savings account and LOVE it. It is not easily accessible so I can’t make impulse purchases with the money. I opened ours in November and have only watched the money grow instead of shrink which is very very unusual for us.

    I am wishing you lots of luck with these goals. They will all make you a happier and healthier family!

  2. Carrie Says:

    This ING account intrigues me. I would like to learn more. Good luck with all of those endeavors – that’s alot of big goals you have set! If you need some assistance with the novel, you can certainly bounce some ideas off of me. You may remember that I LOOOOVE to read.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    You know you can bounce book ideas off of me. 🙂
    A budget is great and the $1,000 is great but I challenge you to get the $1,000 quicker! Make it a goal to have it within the next 2 months. Dave Ramsey would agree with me (actually, it was his idea)
    And YAY for no processed foods! That makes me very happy!

  4. Tammy Says:

    I just tried a new Food & Family recipe the other night, it was really good. Cheddar Chicken & Rice Skillet. Here’s a link:
    I increased the amount of chicken, rice, broth and broccoli since I didn’t think there would be enough for us. I also marinated the cut chicken in some italian dressing for a bit before cooking. It was a hit with the whole family and we had plenty of leftovers.

    You should also check out The Pioneer Woman Cooks ( She has GREAT recipes for REAL food that feeds larger families.

  5. Mom Says:

    It’s great to hear your goals. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time for you to write a book. I pray that it works out great for you and that you have fun in the process!

  6. […] the types of goals I’m talking about anyway. I’m talking about the goals that I set for the year. For the month of February even. I’m going to try and keep updates going monthly. Guess I […]

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