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A day of reconnecting… February 11, 2008

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WOW! Seems like my past has collided with my present in the last couple days!

In a bizarre maze of internet turns, I found myself logging into my MySpace account late last night for the first time in about a month. I login over there very couple months or so just to check things out or because someone I know posts their pictures there. It doesn’t happen often and I don’t waste much time over there (unlike on Facebook).

However, when I logged into my account last night, not only one, but TWO people that we had lost touch with over the years had contacted me with messages on there. Weirdness!  Both people from our wedding.

 One was a guy in our wedding. We were all pretty tight in college. But we’ve moved a lot and changed email addresses countless times on both parts and just fell out of communication. Funny story – I remember driving to the airport in Chicago to pick him up two days before our wedding. He was there a day earlier than anyone else and we took our time driving back from O’Hare.  We still talk about him from time to time when we drive home because on this particular day, with the clouds and such, Mike looked out the window and said, “I didn’t know Chicago was by the mountains!” I’ll admit that if you didn’t know what you were looking at, it did kind of look like mountains. But it was just billowing clouds up against the very flat Lake Michigan. It was good to reconnect with him!

The other person that found me was my best friend from high school. Seriously, we were almost like sisters we spent so much time together. Nothing in particular other than distance and time really separated us. We both made choices to go our separate ways – although now it doesn’t really make any sense to me at all. But there she was. Waiting in my myspace inbox. And living in the same town that we grew up in! I’m looking forward to reconnecting with her.


I sent out two emails for birthdays this past week. One is a great friend who lives in WI now. She and her husband were very instrumental in getting Chip and I together. Ok, so more her being instrumental in getting me to notice him as anything more than a friend. I can remember it was “Battle of the Floors” and we were sitting in the hallway eating pizza one night and she said, “So, what do you think of Chip?” rofl! So funny to look back on now. I think you can grow up, but when it comes to dating, we’re all a little junior high!  Anyway, one of our very first dates was to her birthday party in an Applebeas. It was a surprise party and I remember that Chip lit the candles on the cake and they were entirely too close together and there was a real fear of setting off the sprinkler system and fire alarm! Ah, to be 20 again!

The other person is my college roomie! She and her husband and their little one are back from halfway around the world. They are missionaries in a sensitive country so I won’t say where. But, they are back for a small furlough because they are expecting baby #2! If I’m remembering correctly, #1 isn’t quite a year old yet!  So happy for them!

So, that’s what I’ve done today. On a day that my mantra was “I don’t want to…” I’ve found myself reliving some great memories and making plans to make some more for the future! It’s just been a good day!


One Response to “A day of reconnecting…”

  1. inconsequentialtruth Says:

    It is wonderful to reconnect with the past!

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