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The best laid plans… February 21, 2008

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I’m not even exactly sure what my plans for the day were. Noah woke up super early (like 6am early when the garbage trucks rumbled through – UGH!) and by 6:30, Seth was awake too. And crying.

At 7:30ish, I finally got out of bed to find that the three boys had been up for sometime. And Seth was not feeling well. He was pitiful and CRABBY – in that “I want my momma!” kind of way. So, I sat. And held him. And then did it some more.

The little girl that I babysit didn’t get here until 10am. And I was still sitting and holding when she got here. Seth was constantly at my side, whining, crying, unable to settle down.

By 11:30, I had a migraine. I made lunch for the littles and went to take a nap since Chip was home, attempting to work on schoolwork.

At 2ish, Chip woke me up. He got nothing done. Seth was still crying. And he still wanted his mommy! I attempted to shower. Well, I guess it was more than an attempt because I do remember getting in and getting out. But what I really remember is the crying. The whining.

That was it. I called the doctors office. Seth is *not* like this. He is a happy-go-lucky type of kid who likes to be the center of attention. But today, contrary is the word that best described his mood. He didn’t want… well, anything. He even said he didn’t want to go get ice cream and he didn’t want to go to Disney World. He was pitiful.

And of course, the doctors office was beyond filled. No appointments today. And no, they will not call in a prescription for a kid who has never been sick enough to need them before. Our best bet? Call back at exactly 8am tomorrow. There is a possibility of an appointment at 10am. But if we don’t call right at 8am, it will be gone. Even if we do call at 8am, there is a possibility that it could be gone.

So, we called and got a sitter for the older two kids, Chip called a Council member to lead Bible study tonight and we packed Seth & Noah up for a trip to Urgent Care.  A few months ago, our hospital of choice started a new 30/30 program. If you have a life-threatening injury or illness, you will be seen within 30 seconds of entering the ER. If you have a non-lifethreatening injury or illness, you will be seen within 30 minutes. We’ve never had a problem. I’d say we’ve never once waited more than 15 minutes in the waiting room at the hospital. Until today…

A little over an hour after we signed in, we finally saw the triage nurse. Another hour and we finally saw the dr. Another 20 mintues and they were finally letting us go.

But the diagnosis was what I expected. He has an ear infection. Actually, he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy. But once we got home and gave him some Tylenol with codiene, he was feeling much better. It was good to see his smiles and he told me about the dr and the medicine that made his ear feel better. I was catching glimpses of my Seth as he whispered to me about the red moon tonight.

All is well again in the Sanders household…


One Response to “The best laid plans…”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Poor guy. Glad to hear that he is feeling better.

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