My Mundane Musings

Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

An extra day… February 29, 2008

Filed under: coffee,fun,life,profoundness,television — Rebekah Sanders @ 11:58 am

I’m not doing anything spectacular with our extra day this year. Right now I’m sitting and home and wishing that I could just have an extra hour every day instead of an extra day every four years.

And what would I do with an extra hour? I’d write. I can really crank out the words when I have the quiet needed, but distraction is my enemy. I’m easily distracted – television, the kids, my sexy husband, emails that pop-up on the Google bar, the smell of food, the sunshine outside, the potty breaks, the distractions are endless. But when I get into a zone, I can write for a solid hour and crank out the words.

So, that’s what I want. A “pause” button for an hour a day. When all else around me stops for 60 minutes. Where I can just sit down in front of the computer and pour it all out. I don’t miss anything because it all just *stops* for an hour. After my hour, life resumes right where it left off.

I think I need some more coffee. My brain seems to have gone all J.J. Abrams on me this morning. Maybe I shouldn’t watch LOST so close to bedtime.


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