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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Meet Bailey… March 1, 2008

Filed under: family,kids,life,pets — Rebekah Sanders @ 5:52 pm

This is our new dog. She’s a roughly 3 year old, full-blooded basset hound. I saw the ad on Freecycle this morning and sent off an email asking about her. One thing led to another and we found ourselves picking up our new dog after basketball. We knew she was a full basset before the people opened the door simply by the bark.

They opened the door and our charged Bailey. They had gotten her only three weeks earlier from someone who couldn’t take care of her anymore. And I knew as soon as I saw her that we would at the very least be a respite home and fatten that dog up. She’s very thin – by normal dog standards. VERY, VERY thin by basset standards. Most people don’t know that basset hounds need more protein than other dogs.

The kids love her. She’s grown on me already and seems to be pretty smart. She goes to the door when she needs to go out (which already proves she’s smarter than Daisy our beagle/basset). She loves to ride in the car, but we discovered after we got out of Mattoon that shorter rides are better.

She’s Chip’s dog already. He went outside and she whined and trilled the entire time. As soon as he came back, she greeted him and started following him around the house. For that fact, she pretty much follows us all around. I think she’s going to be a good addition to our family. But ask me again in a few days.


2 Responses to “Meet Bailey…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    What a great face!
    Hoping she’ll have an easy adjustment to your home!

  2. Summer Says:

    She’s soooo adorable! I love those eyes. I’m glad she’s adjusting to your family well. Enjoy your new addition!

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