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Spam-a-lot… March 7, 2008

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No, not the play. That nasty stuff that you get in your email junk box. But it’s suddenly gone to a whole new level for me.

I don’t mind junk mail. Everyone enjoys getting mail that isn’t a bill.

I don’t even mind spam in my email too much because it doesn’t take that much effort to hit delete. And most of it goes to my spam folder automatically anyway.

I *DO* mind however, when I get it on my PHONE!!!  That’s right – TWICE tonight – in a very short period of time, I got SPAMMED on my PHONE!!!  The first time it was someone named who was telling me I have someone who has a crush on me and I should go check out a certain website (no – I will *not* be driving traffic to their site).  The second time it was telling me that I can “reduce debt now at…”

I do find it kind of funny that I have friends who are names Suzanne and Holly and they are actually sisters-in-law.

And I’m really, really hoping that some trolling bot that searches the internet stumbles across my blog and spams those two email addresses until they explode!

They are VERY lucky that I have a txting plan on my phone or I’d be livid. And if they do it again in the middle of the night, SOMEONE is going to have to pay!


Editing to say that I got TWO more SPAM texts in the middle of the night sometime! Thankfully my phone was downstairs!  Chip got one a little after midnight and so did both of my in-laws! Chip’s mom thought something was wrong with someone somewhere with both of them getting texts so late at night and one right after another!

If spamming cellphones isn’t illegal, it certainly should be!


One Response to “Spam-a-lot…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    The Suzanne & Holly thing is very funny but I can promise you I didn’t send you any spam….you may want to check with holly tho! LOL

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