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American Idol recap… March 11, 2008

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Finally starting American Idol – about 2 hours after the original airtime. But some do have a real life and apparently tonight I was one of them. 

2 hours, huh? After all these years, don’t the powers that be realize that we can only take so much of Ryan posturing for the cameras? And does anyone really care about the new set design? If the band weren’t ABOVE the performers, I don’t think I’d have even noticed the difference. And as much as I think it’s great that they can do Beatles songs, I’m still not sure that they *should*. It’s going to take songs from someone who just “did it” and try and remake them. Should be an interesting night. Now if they’d just let the contestants sing!

I’m off to play on Facebook until the first actual performer comes on…

Syesha Mercado – Gotta Get you Into My Life – Girl can sing, but it seemed like the song started without her and she came in late. But she ended well. Not her best performance, but adequate for the first one in the finals. But what is taht sweater thing that is falling off her? It just looks sloppy.

Chikezie – She’s A Woman – (What the world was that weird dance thing Ryan was doing?) I *liked* it! I have not been a fan and wondered about the decision to put him in the top 24. But that? THAT was entertainment! Absolutely amazing! (And I was going to equate it to an Oh Brother Where Art Thou? start – until Paula said it. Now I’m just aghast that I’m thinking the same things as Paula). Where did this guy come from? Probably the guy to beat tonight!

Ramiele – In My Life – I just hope she doesn’t start crying over all those close friends who’ve left the show already. Those “close friends” she’s only known for what 3 months? Maybe? And the song had some good vocals in it, but like most of the girls performances for me – it was BORING!  But her hair looks the best it has all season.

Dreadlock Dude (who’s real name I cannot remember – Jason Castro, but Chip had to tell me that. I just know he’s not one of the Davids.) – If I Fell – He’s got a great voice, but his hair just icks me out. Did anyone else notice the FLIES buzzing about his head in his intro video?  ICK!  Anyhoo…  I love that he’s an actual musician too. He looked like he expected to blow that last note. I like him, but he reminds me more of a coffeehouse musician than a popstar. He sang the song well, but it was nothing extraordinary.

Carly Smithson – Come Together – Every wedding band I’ve ever heard does this song.  Love the color of her shirt. Hate the style. A couple places where it sounded a bit like she was screeching, but an overall great performance.  Probably one of only two girls that I like.

David Cook – Eleanor Rigby – *LOVE* this guys voice. I think he’s the Daughtry of this season. He’s the guy who’s going to be HUGE regardless of whether he wins or not.  And it’s great to see that he can sing when he *doesn’t* have the guitar.  *LOVED* IT!!!

Brooke White – Let It Be – Piano is a nice touch.  She’s just so sweet, that it’s nice to see her living the dream. I like that she kept it simple. Pure. Well done.

David Hernandez – I Saw Her Standing There – Well, you know what they say, “17 will get you 20”. Ok, i know it’s 15 will get you 20, but the song is 17. I am not impressed. Too many great performances from the rest of the guys. I’m bored and hating this song. Maybe it’s because I can remember someone else remaking it in the early 90’s and hated it then? Wrong song choice. I just did not work. He could be in trouble tonight.

Amanda Overmeyer – You Can’t Do That – I’m not a fan. Chip likes her ok, but I think she sounds like she’s singing with her mouth full of marbles. ENUNCIATE!!! I *loved* her last week, but this week she’s back to her old self. Although I do like her hair and makeup a lot better this week. Like I said, I’m not a fan. But if you liked her past performances, I’m sure you liked that. She did well, just not my thing.

Michael Johns – Across the Universe – I *love* this guys accent!  I was a bit disappointed. This guy has a great voice and should have taken more of a chance. It was a great performance, but a tad boring vocally. And if you’re not going to do anything to get the crowd into the song, then you’ve got to bring the vocals.

Kristie Lee Cook – Eight Days A Week – NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!  She’s pretty enough and unlike some people, I do enjoy country music, but this is NOT one of them! She should have tried out for Nashville Star, not American Idol.  She’s doing an ok job with it, I guess, but this is such a horribly wrong thing to do to a Beatles song. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!  Simon said, “Dolly Parton on helium.” ROFL! I don’t think it was quite that bad, but that is definitely a great simonism!

David Archuleta – We Can Work It Out – DUDE FORGOT THE WORDS!!! *oops* America should send him home for just that alone! And while I give him “props” for finishing the song, I’m thinking maybe it would have been better for him to just stop while he was ahead. Because I think if he’d have run off stage crying, he may have at least gotten the sympathy vote. If America votes on talent for *this* week, Davey boy goes home tonight. That was a mess from beginning to end.

I really have no idea who will actually go home. Syesha, Ramiele or David Hernandez deserve to be in the bottom three.


4 Responses to “American Idol recap…”

  1. melzie Says:

    I think David A will stick around a bit longer, I predict David H to go home. 🙂 xoxo melzie

  2. Tamara Says:

    I’m thinking it will be David H. or Kristy that will go home this week. Fun recap.

  3. Headless Mom Says:

    Even though I slightly disagree with your take on some of the kids I enjoyed reading.

    See you next week at the AI party!

  4. Robinznest Says:

    Hi – I’m here via Boomama. I agree with MOST of your observations. But I think it will be Kristie going home. David A has too much talent – although he is a bit young. He definitley has a future.

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