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Almost live American Idol recap… March 18, 2008

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First, why does Idol have to be 2 hours long? If they would just get down to it, we could have a great show in just an hour. Or leave it a 2 hour show and ACTUALLY LET THEM SING!!!  They have to cut their song down to 1:40 – which means that with 11 performers, we have less than 25 minutes of actual SINGING. I thought this was a singing competition???  Instead we get a two hour show that I’m glad to have on the DVR so I can fast forward through most of Ryan’s nonsense. Whatever – onto the show…

And apparently Randy is as bored with Ryan’s opening as I am. rofl! How great that he proves my point! And I’m equally terrified this week over what the performers might bring us from the Lennon/McCarthy songbook. Nobody does it like the Beatles and I’m just not sure they should have risked it with a second week. If they couldn’t pick the right song last week and with the exception of just a very few really excel with the Beatles, then why go for a second week? Just doesn’t make sense.

Amanda Overmeyer – Back In The U.S.S.R. – I must say she’s starting to grow on me a bit. She looks like she’s having fun up there and this song suits her voice. And apparently they must be working with her on enunciating because I can actually understand more than 50% of the words coming out of her mouth. It’s the first time that I actually saw her as an entertainer instead of just a performer. But she’s going to have to learn some new tricks or she’s going to find herself as a one-hit wonder. Because I’m not sure that I could handle an entire concert of hearing her scream at me.

Kristy Lee Cook – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – It’s already better than last week. When I heard the title, I thought this could be a great country song and she’s putting a bit of a pitchy twang into it. But after the disaster last week, anything was bound to be an improvement. HUGE finish and she nails it! A little safe and still too early in the show to know if it’s enough to keep her in the competition for another week. I’m telling you – Nashville Star was the way she should have gone.

David Archuleta – The Long And Winding Road -He’s just so little and cute! He doesn’t look much bigger than my Elijah. He’s still young to be singing these heart-melting songs, but I really see him as a star as he matures. And honestly, I prefer him at the piano. And kudos for remembering all the words! A little boring, a little safe, but a lot of cuteness that makes little girls and little old ladies swoon. He’ll do great this week.

Dude – if Apple and/or AT&T gives me an iPhone, I’ll download all of the Idol songs *AND* make my friends listen. I might even call in and vote!

Michael Johns – A Day In The Life – He does a great job, but I’m really looking for him to pick a song that will just let him SHINE. I think he can offer something fresh to this competition, he just has to find his niche. Hopefully he’ll get that chance next week. Right now, I’m not entirely sure.

Brooke White – Here Comes The Sun – Her dress definitely looks like the sun, doesn’t it? Like a big, sunshine-y, potato sack. Or multiple potato sacks all kind of layered. But I’m sitting here in jeans and a sweatshirt, so who am I to judge? I’m bored. She’s doing an ok job, but the arrangement is doing nothing to show off her voice. I think it’s the performance of hers that I’ve liked the least. She did it well, just not my fav.

David Cook – DayTripper – And the guitar is BACK! Not my favorite, but it was good. I’ll say it again – David Cook is this seasons Daughtry. He’s ready now. He just needed this competition to be discovered. I was a tad bit bored, but not *every* song on a CD is a hit. Overall, a good performance.

Carly Smithson – Blackbird – I love this girl. She’s just got the voice. The look. She knows how to carry herself on a stage and connect with her audience. And I *loved* that top on her tonight. Best performance of the night tonight so far.

Jason Castro – Michelle – I liked it. I like him better with the guitar. He still just reminds me of a coffeehouse singer. I like that he sped things up a little bit, but you could tell that it was a stretch for him and outside his comfort zone. But there were no definitive problems – he was on pitch, he stayed in the right key, and he remembered all the words. But at least he looked like he was having fun.

 Syesha Mercado – Yesterday – I wondered last week if someone would sing this song and was surprised that we got through half of this show without hearing it. At least she *looks* better this week than last week.  Unfortunately, she’s breathy and pitchy on the high notes. Which is unfortunate, because when she gets into her zone, her notes are powerful and precise. The arrangement is just a bit weird and there could have been so much greatness to her voice in that song, but like so many others tonight – it was the arrangement that killed it for me. (And I’m shocked as I hear the judges comments because I did *not* enjoy that at all.)

Chikeze – I’ve Just Seen A Face – I *love* that even he was weirded out by Ryan touching his face. Because it was just weird! Where did this guy COME from? He made the final 12 and now it’s like he was a completely different person. I didn’t love the slower part, but when he sped it up it came alive. And he didn’t just perfect a song, he also learned a new instrument this week. And had the guts to play it on television. Probably my favorite performance of the week. I would go see this guy in concert.

Ramiele – I Should Have Known Better – I can’t get past that outfit. Who told her it would be an ok idea to go on television like that? Don’t they have wardrobe people to help them? It started rough. Sounds like she’s choking on the notes in the back of her throat when she goes into the quieter notes of her lower range. She’s got the power notes down, but it’s just a little weird. Or maybe it’s just the hat?

Bottom three – Ramiele, Micheal Johns and Kristy Lee Cook.

Going home – Ramiele. I like her, I think she’s cute, but it was just weird from beginning to end.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow…


6 Responses to “Almost live American Idol recap…”

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  3. Julie Says:

    Read somewhere you had a migraine today. Just wanted you to know I empathize. I had one of Friday with full blown vertigo. It was a rough next three days let me tell you! I just now feel like me again and it’s Tuesday night.
    see ya round blog land

  4. Can you believe we have never once watched that show. Not even once!

  5. Suzanne Says:

    I’m bored with the show. I couldn’t even force myself to watch it last night. ESPECIALLY when they announced the Beatles again. Ugh. I’ve NEVER liked the Beatles.

    Why can’t they do an Amy Grant night?

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