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American Idol results recap (March 19th)… March 19, 2008

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Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Neil Diamond and…


Really? They are just going to let anyone write a song again? Maybe I could write a song about how they waste so very much time on this show instead of just giving us what we want? Like they are doing right now? I could call it “Give Me What I Want”. Isn’t that the perfect name of a song for the microwave generation?

Ok – group performance. Let me say again how much I hate these. But I guess if they make Simon sell out by raising that stupid red Coke cup at least once a week, then they have to make the rockers sell out too? (Is it my imagination or is Ramiele apparently so bad they just aren’t going to turn her microphone on tonight?) And apparently KLC is so beautiful that it actually makes the cameraman swoon – looks like someone caught that camera just before it hit the ground. Ah, the joys of live tv…

Amanda looks like she’d rather shoot herself than have to sing these ah, ah, ahs – the very same AH’s that make me want to cover my ears and run from the room! That was just a horrific mess and I just have no words…

Ryan jabbers more, reminds us of who sang what and some other stuff that I’m going to fast forward thru (ah, the joys of the DVR).

Brooke is up first and Ryan reminds her how awkward she was last night. But she’s safe and takes a seat on the couch.

Carly is a little early coming out onto the stage. Ryan’s busy following Brooke. And then he’s back to tell us WHAT? Carly is in the bottom 3?! Maybe America is sick of hearing her sob stories about how she was supposed to be the next Brittany Spears but the company went bankrupt from making her sing horrific songs?

David Archuletta is up next and the girls are screaming. He’s safe and I think Ryan’s afraid to spend too much time with the guys. Michael Johns is on stage and talking about how much he loved his song and reached his dream singing his song. He’s in the top  10 and takes a seat.

And commercial…

I’m watching the Ford video shoot “how it’s made” video, but I fully intend to FF through the actual commercial. Do people actually watch these commercials? 

Back to the results. David Cook is pretending to look nervous. Simon was right, he is smug. But he’s good, so we’ll overlook that. At least for this week. He’s safe. Kristy Lee Cook towers over Ryan and he might want to think about getting some lifts if he’s going to have to keep standing next to her. Which might not happen because she’s in the bottom three. Jason Castro comes out looking completely underdressed, but no matter, he’s in the top ten. Ramiele come out and I’m suddenly sure she’ll be safe because she’s not one of the last two. Ramiele is safe and I’m scratching my head. Apparently letting Paual pick out her clothes for her last night worked for her.

Commercial and then we’re coming back to Kelli Pickler and viewer questions when we get back. *yawn* Fast forward through the questions. Because only the people who ask even care about the answers and I’m not entirely sure that they are more interested in hearing themselves on television than actually hearing the answers.

Kelli Pickler is one and she looks great. She’s come a LONG way from a roller skating waitress at Sonic. But I really don’t care about her red high heels, so I hit fast forward one more time. I stop for the last few minutes and she really has found her niche in country music. It suits her. She looks great, sounds great and we go to commercial again.

Another plug for Idol Gives Back – which is April 9th. I think it’s great that they are doing something with the show. If you’re looking for something you can do NOW though, I suggest either Compassion International or World Vision. Both are great organizations.

Results coming up. Syesha comes out and I’m thinking she’s safe since there are three left and she’s the first out. I’m right and she sits on the couch. Amanda and Chikeze are called out and it’s a toss up between them in my mind, but Chikeze takes a seat and Amanda is in the bottom three. Which is about right since I was finally starting to like her.

Bottom three are Carly, Kristy and Amanda and we go to commercial again…

He draws it out as long as he can and Carly is sitting back on the couch. Big shocker, right? I know, I’m soooo suprised. *groan* Can y’all tell I’m rolling my eyes.

Kristy is safe again and Amanda is going home. She should have worn those pants she wore last week. Those were awesome! And I think she got votes simply because her pants were just so cool. But now she should be able to go back to Indiana and sell out bars. Maybe she could do a tour of the biker bars? I’m actually kind of sad to see her go. I think there were other people who did much worse than she did this week. I’m telling you, it was the pants.

Until next week…


4 Responses to “American Idol results recap (March 19th)…”

  1. […] Ramiele come out and I’m suddenly sure she’ll be safe because she’s not one of the … credit : […]

  2. didn’t expect Amanda who would go home tonight

  3. Compassion International and WV are both wonderful ministries, but if I had to select just one, I would opt for Compassion.


    They top the list when it comes to ensuring every child hears the gospel message, discipling those children, and partnering with the local church. No ministry does it better.


  4. Stacy Says:

    I am so glad that Amanda is gone. It was really getting bothersome to me to try listen to the song she was singing and see if I could understand the words that were coming out of her mouth. I was surprised that Carly was in the bottom last night. I think some of the guys did much more boring songs than she did. And Jason’s hair creeps me out.

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