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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

I *hate* this… March 20, 2008

Filed under: family,kids,life — Rebekah Sanders @ 3:50 pm

My little Seth is sick. He’s had a fever of way over 100 for the past 24 hours and he’s just lethargic and tired and burning up. He lays on the couch or the chairs. Unmoving. His smile is lost. He’s sleeping now in Chip’s chair, waiting for his daddy to come home, and he’s groaning in his sleep. He does not feel good.

And it’s absolutely ripping my heart of our my chest. My little guy who is always so full of life. The little guy who runs everywhere. The one who smiles so big when you walk into a room that the entire world stops to look like you’re the most important person in the world. The one who giggles and grins.

And all of that is gone today. I haven’t seen a smile yet today. There have been no spotaneous hugs. No “I lub you momma”. No car races, no train tracks turned hunting rifle, no endless stream of chatter. Just silence as he lays in the chair.

It’s so quiet I think I actually hear my heart aching for him…


2 Responses to “I *hate* this…”

  1. SufficientGrace Says:

    Awwww…. poor lil guy. Isaiah had bronchitis around Christmas and he was like that, just wanted me to hold him all day while he burned up with fever. 😦 Praying for little Seth, getting sick is no fun, especially at the run-all-the-time, smiley, happy age they’re at…. 🙂 Praying for you too, mama!

  2. Tammy Says:

    Prayers said for Seth. I hope he’s feeling better today!

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