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Craziness and a question… March 27, 2008

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Remember two weeks when I was freaking out because my blog topped out somewhere just above 100? And then last week when I was geeking out because I surpassed the 150 mark?  The past two days, I’ve have more than 250 unique readers each day. Absolutely unbelievable! Welcome to my new readers – although I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back around the 50 mark tomorrow now that American Idol is over until next week.

However, it’s not the end of television on my blog. There are TWO weeks left until an all new The Office and I can’t wait! I’ve missed seeing the reruns on Thursday nights, so I’m thankful for the magic of the DVR. I think I’ve watched the 8 episodes from this season 4-5 times each already. I’m going to start recapping them tomorrow I think. I’ve got some favorite moments from this season – like when Dwight whacks Michael in the back of the head with his shoe in Survivor Man. Freaking hilarious!!!!  It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Which I’ve had to apologize to Chip for more than once since I usually watch while I’m laying in bed at night as he’s trying to sleep. Geesh, I’m laughing *now* as I watch it replay in my head.

It was a rather uneventful and gloomy day today. The weather pattern outside is dreary and my head has been telling me all day that a thunderstorm was on the way. The chirping weatherbug is finally telling me the same thing. I think maybe I should be a meterologist. I love weather, especially storms, and my head is much more reliable than the guys on the telly. Unfortunately, that would mean going back for years of school, and well, *that* I’m not very interested in.

Speaking of weather, I have a question. We’ve got this weatherbug thing on our computer that probably half of America does. It does this annoying chirping thing when there is an alert of some sort. And really, it kind of gets on my nerves. I mean, once I’ve seen it once, I don’t need to be reminded every 45 minutes.  My question is about those weather radio alert system thingamabobs. Does anyone know what kind of alert system they have? I’d like to get one for when we’re sleeping at night and such, but I dont’ want it going off every 45 minutes because I can guarantee that it would cause a storm if it kept waking me up all night. I guess I just want to make sure that I won’t be tempted to smash it to bits before I actually buy it. Anyone have one of these things?


2 Responses to “Craziness and a question…”

  1. SufficientGrace Says:

    We have one… ours you can program for whatever alerts you want, (like, if there’s a flood watch or something you don’t want to hear, you can turn those specifically off) and it only goes off once. After you turn the alert off, it’ll keep blinking a little red light, but the noise won’t come back unless there’s something new. We’ve had it a couple years, and it’s okay… haven’t seen it as invaluable yet, as we have the internet to look up the radar when things get ugly outside. (We don’t watch TV)

  2. imgladyouasked Says:

    We had one when we lived in IL. We had it set just for the severe weather alerts like tornado warnings and watches and the like. And it would go off just when the initial warning was issued by the National Weather Service. It would only go off again if the warning was changed.

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