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The Office – Season 4, Episode 3 – Launch Party April 2, 2008

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I’m just going to blog from memory on this one. I watched it last night and really don’t want to watch it again right now. Not to mention the fact that my kids are still running around hopped up on the last of the Easter candy and watching anything would be impossible.

The episode starts out with Michael strolling into the office and making up what he wants to in a memor from Ryan at corporate about how he’s going to an awesome party and they have to stay back at the office. After a prompting from Jim, we find out that the memo really says that the Dunder Mifflin website is going public and will be the best salesman in the company by 6pm. (And I’m wondering if working until 6pm is a comman thing on the East Coast).

Dwight takes it as a personal challenge – and a way to impress Angela – and says they’ll see about that. He and Andy work together to celebrate every sale and Dwight sends Andy after a bear horn that he just happens to keep in the trunk of his car “under many pelts.” After every sale, Andy will sound the horn – until Angela finally has the good sense to take it away from him.

Stanley dances while perusing the website and Kelly orders stuff from it because he likes the way it says, “Thank you for shopping at Dunder Mifflin” every time you put something in the cart. (Let me stroll away from this for a minute to say that if this is Ryan’s big thing, I’m sadly disappointed because if I were to go on a website like that, I’d leave just as quickly. ANNOYING! And boring. And everytime I see another clip of the website, I hate it just a bit more. I wonder if this is how Michael feels about Toby?)

It’s about this point in the episode that I start to remember that this is the episode where Michael kidnaps a kid! But we have to backtrack a minute. Jan refuses to go to the launch party with Michael, so he asks if he can invite Carol! RIDICULOUS! He ends up taking Jim who loses in a tie of “not-it” against Pam. And it’s finally announced for all the world to hear that tie goes to the girlfriend (or the wife) and I tell Chip “I told you so!”

So, Jim and Michael are on their way to New York – out of Pennsylvania already – when Jim asks for directions. Oh, he so should have known better and asked before leaving. But what Michael really has is an invitation to an online party, because there will be video broadcast from each branch.

Michael comes back to the office and instructs Angela to turn her party into a PAR-TAY. And he’ll get the pizza! Unfortunately, he orders from Pizza By Alfredo instead of Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe and the results are tragic. Because not only to the Office-ites end up unwilling associates in a kidnapping, but they also end up with what is described as “a hot circle of garbage” by Kevin (and I can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s not someone’s weird attempt to bring St. Louis style pizza to the East Coast. If you’re in STL, do NOT go to Imo’s. NASTY STUFF!)

All through this episode, we see Phyllis trying to handle Angela with some google-ized techniques for dealing with difficult people. It doesn’t work. Because Angela is just downright mean and she’s shining in this episode. Phyliis finally has enough and balls up the papers in her hand and throws them in Angela’s face. “That shuts her up.” But not as much as a daring Andy is about to as he tries to woo her.

The pizza guy finally gets there and refuses to honor Michael’s coupon for 50% off. I admit the kid is a bit of a jerk, but really? Kidnapping? The writers of this show are just brilliant! Dwight knows this kid as one of the kids who sneaks onto his farm and steals his hemp. The kid on the other hand knows Dwight because “he’s that farmer who grows that really crappy weed.” And I’m guessing that Dwight is the real hero in all of this because that little tidbit is probably why the kids doesn’t have Michael arrested.

Pam and Jim sneak away to the roof after the good pizza arrives to make all the PB&J fans squeal, while Michael finally comes to his senses and lets the kid go – making Dwight pay full price for the pizza no one is going to eat.

Then, in one last desperate attempt, we see Andy make a complete fool of himself by asking Angela to “take a chance” on him with his Cornell buddy’s singing harmony. We see the Ice Queen start to melt just a bit until she realizes everyone in the office is still there and watching – including a heart broken Dwight. She’s embarrassed, but I think it works on her a bit. Because what girl doesn’t like to see a guy make a fool out of himself in a desperate attempt to be romantic? We’ll see more in the coming weeks.

And that’s all I remember from this one. Anyone out there know of anything major that I’m missing?


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