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The Office – Season 4, Episode 4 – Money April 3, 2008

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These “supersized” episodes of The Office are hard to blog. They are just SOOO long! And this episode, while funny, would have been better condensed into 30 minutes I think.

The episode starts with Pam explaining that Michael likes to watch movies in pieces during slow times in the office. We watch as he comes in and throws his coat at Pam each morning and barks things about wanting Armani on the phone and steak and Pam not going to Paris. And this part wouldn’t be funny at all if we hadn’t actually seen The Devil Wears Prada. He does finally come in and apologize for being such a pompous jerk though after he finishes watching the movie and realizes that Merill Streep is the bad guy.

The credits have rolledĀ and now in Michael’s office with him and Jan talking about furniture. *yawn* Seriously, we don’t care that she’s never seen the futon folded up or that he considers the futon a real couch. Mike admits to the camera that money has been tight, but goes on some Michael Scott raid about having a yacht at the end of his life and it’s just so pitiful how much this guy just wants a real friend. Very sad indeed.

While they are meeting, Ryan calls up and goes on some big schpeel about how he really wants the people there to be using… POWERPOINT!! Seriously? That’s his big saving grace for the company? Teaching them to use antiquated techniques like Powerpoint? *still shaking my head – even though this episode aired almost 6 months ago*

We pop out of the office to hear Dwight answer his phone “Guten tag, Shrute Farms.” And the look of amusement on Jim’s face mirrors my own. We find that you cannot get a king size bed at Shrute Farms because they make their own mattresses. Of course they do. I wouldn’t expect anything less. We find that Dwight has opened an agri-tourism business and Pam quickly finds it – and a phone number – on Trip Advisor. She secures the first overnight getaway for PB&J and signs up for Cousin Mose’s table making demonstration. *knowing nod*

We skip back to Jan, who tells Mike that she needs the car that night. When he says he needs it for improv she tells him to improv that he has a car. They’re down to *one* car now – not because Mike hit that lady or drove the other car into a lake, but because he’s financing Jan’s midlife crisis that she’s driving with a Porshe.

Angela returns Dwights things and he’s giving her back various cardigans – I assume you do get that cold being such an Ice Princess – and her sleep apnea mask. She asks about an cherub figure that she left on his bedside table and really she probably should have thought of that before she broke his heart. I mean give the poor guy a break. All he did was kill her cat by locking it in a freezer.

At the end of the day, we hear Kevin telling people to make sure they show up for his concert with his new band – Scrantonicity II. But we never find out what happened to the first band. Although we can assume it was some kind of falling out because he’s put out about something. They use an applaus-o-meter and honestly, I’d have been happier to find out what happened with the band than watching the whole sad exchange between Dwight and Angela.

Jim and Pam pull into Shrute Farms to find Mose waiting and racing them to the door. Pam speculates about other names for the “inn” and I really think they should have gone with “The Beets Hotel.” Because as he’ll say later, Jim is pretty sure they are going to die in this place.

After commercial, the camera crew follows Michael. Who is only improving going to improv in his improved car. He’s really going to his second job. Where he’s the Ryan of the office. The guy who has never made a sale. It’s a telemarketing job and I’m wondering if maybe Mike’s not that guy I hung up on earlier this week. When did they make it legal for them to call cell phones anyway?

Back at Shrute Farms, Dwight gives them three choices for their “theme” room – America, Nighttime and Irrigation. Before Jim and even think through the choices, Pam blurts out irrigation, because who wouldn’t want the irrigation room? For special needs, Jim says they’ll be needing a bedtime story and although Dwight objects, he’s ever the businessman.

Back at the call center, Mike is doing cold calls and “Mr. Hudson” is less than thrilled when Michael calls. Because in all his Stanley geniusness, when he’s “at home in his sweats relaxing in his chair with a glass of wine while he watches his mystery stories” the last person he wants to hear on the other end of the phone is Michael Scott. Which of course gets him called into Nick’s office for a lecture on how to do sales. Something you’d think he’d know at least a small bit about since he is the regional manager.

After dark at Shrute Farms is a scary time. There is a loud banging noise that gets Pam out of bed (because Jim’s apparently a coward and afraid of things that go bump in the night?) and she shines her light out the window to a Mose in the outhouse. And Pam must have ridiculed Jim pretty badly behind closed doors, because he’s the one who emerges later to check out a wailing/ghosty sound. Which is really nothing more than Dwight groaning out of the pain of unrequited love.

The next morning, everyone drags into the office. When Ryan comes in, all hopped up on Red Bull – because I really won’t be able to forgive him if that’s canned Starbucks because he does live in NYC afterall – and excited, everyone just wants to smack him. We are all dragged into the conference room to have PowerPoint drilled into our noggins so Ryan can get a pat on the back for bringing us all up to about 2002, but SURPRISE! Michael isn’t prepared. He admits to having a second job, which leads to a whole who/whom discussion that wouldn’t have made the episode if it had just been an hour.

Michael cops an attitude with Ryan and tells him he probably wouldn’t have figured it out anyway and apparently Ryan is the only one allowed to be right because he punishes Mike and tells him that he either quits his other job or he’s fired. Apparently Ryan is over the whole playing second fiddle thing.

Darryl is at the meeting and Ryan kicks him out for flirting with Kelly, which just leads to a gross make-out scene. ICK! Kelly’s desperateness comes out again as she asks Darryl what he’s doing later and he says he’s busy because he has his daughter tonight.

Michael quits his job. Makes it a bigger thing than it really is. But is in serious trouble now without the extra income. Maybe he should have stolen his headset instead of disinfecting it? Wonder how much it would get on eBay?

Andy is still hung up on Angela and asks for Pam’s help. She doesn’t want to get involved.

Michael asks the accountants for help – does Kevin know of any “sure bets” or have any connections with the mob? Can Oscar give him an advance on his salary? Can Angela do anything at all? Nope – that’s why he doesn’t even bother to ask her.

Kelly goes to find Darryl in his office and he admits to getting excited every time that little guy walks in the door (meaning Ryan). Kelly is using him and that’s ok by him. She forces him to choose between him and his daughter and when he chooses his daughter, she throws his stuff on the floor. How old is she? Like 6?

We’re back in the break room and everyone is gossiping about Mike and his money troubles. Jan doesn’t know and he denies there are any problems.

Darryl goes to find Kelly and tells her to chill. Tells her she needs to “access the uncrazy side” because they both know they are using the other. Ew! He starts to walk away and she yells. He tells her to think about it and we cut to one of those talking head thing. “Darryl Philbin is the most complicated man I’ve ever met. I mean he says exactly what he’s thinking. What kind of game is that?”

Mike comes into the kitchen where Creed tells him to declare bankruptcy. Which he does – LOUDLY – and then Oscar lets him know that’s not exactly how it works. Oscar sits down with him to work out his finances and Mike is more awed by the powerpoint slide saying his name than anything Oscar is saying. Until Oscar says he needs to talk to Jan. Michael is *not* talking to her about this and begs Oscar to make the call for him.

Andy on the other hand finds some Garbage (remember the cat from last week) for Angela and tells her the cat came to find her. It’s just awkward for the all of 3 other people in the room that knew about Dwangela.

Oscar and Mike make the call to Jan. She freaks that Michael is broke. What happened to all your money? (Um, maybe someone spent it on a fancy new car and furniture?) And as she continues to harp on him, he makes a break for it after spotting a moving train a couple blocks away.

Angela crosses over to Andy’s desk and I’m not entirely sure she’s not purposeful in making sure Dwight is there. And apparently her memory is as short as she is because she’s hold Garbage in her arms and tells Andy he can ask her out to dinner. Andy rejoices and Dwight all but runs from the room to cry in the stairwell.

Jim goes to find Dwight and tells him what the rest of us already know – he left because of Pam. He couldn’t stand to see her with Roy. And he knows the pain that Dwight is going through and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But Jim gets out there before Dwight can give him a big man hug. Because he has other things on his mind. Pam asks where he wants to go for dinner and he plants one on her – office policy or not. He tells her they’ll go for Italian and she tells the cameras he’s passionate about Italian food. “In fact,” he tells the camera, “I’m in love with Italian food.” But we all know he just means Pam.

Jan speeds into the parking lot and throws her keys at Oscar (I hope he was smart enough to take that car for a spin) and runs off to the train yard to find Michael. Who tried to hop a stopping train and is now sitting there singing Runaway Train. She tells him that running away is not the answer because trains always wreck (look at her life) and that they’ll work this out together. And she apparently talks him out of the train because he’s back next week.

Dwight however, is BACK this week! He comes back to the office after his touching moment with Jim in the stairwell and picks up the phone to make a call. After a glance at his desk, he pulls out a ruler and pushes all of Jim’s stuff back onto his desk (and the floor) and we all know that Dwight is back!

And I’m glad that the 1hr episodes are done for now. That’s a LONG post, but it’s a show that’s hard to recap in just a few sentences.


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