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My problem with the DVR… April 10, 2008

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Is that there is no way to record two different shows and watch a third! So, no American Idol recap from me tonight. I *did* watch Idol Gives Back last night. And while I agree that they are doing good, sometimes shows like that just make me mad.

The fact that they are going to spend money to fight obesity is just kind of sad in my eyes. There are people RIGHT HERE in the United States who go to bed hungry every night and yet they’re going to spend that money on people who eat too much. I know the whole “education is power” thing – but the last time I checked, it was pretty much ILLEGAL to not send your kids to school (or homeschool them at least), so isn’t that really a job for the school system? (Which is a whole other topic that I won’t even get into because I could be here all night. (I must say that I’m also peeved at the GOV’T that is going to spend upwards of $150 MILLION on the presidential campaign – taxpayer money – when there are soooo many *real* things they could be using that money for.)

My husband summed up how I feel about the whole mosquito net thing. Seriously people, that can only do so much. They can’t walk around wearing the net. If we were having this problem in the US, it would be solved in a matter of days. The net is only a bandaid – an important one I agree – but there has to be more we can do.

The performances were good (that Terri Hatcher is a hoot!) and I missed the Idols singing Shout to the Lord at the end but I hear it was great even though they took Jesus out of the song. And I got a lot of great inspiration for how we could do things in the church world to get people excited and make them want to be involved in campaigns for those who need love. (Now if someone would just like to donate a MacBook Pro to our church to make my job soooo much easier).

I’m not watching American Idol tonight. I’ve got other, better things to watch (namely The Office). So, I’ll be looking for all of y’all to let me know who gets the boot. My guess is that everyone will be safe this week – because if Idol is anything, it’s predictable and we all remember that last year they didn’t send anyone home.

Can’t wait to tuck my kids into bed and watch The Office tonight! I just wish I had enough friends that watched the show close enough to have our own Dinner Party!


2 Responses to “My problem with the DVR…”

  1. Deana Says:

    I don’t watch it, but I’m wondering… how in the world does one take Jesus out of “Shout to the Lord?!”

  2. Carrie Says:

    It was Michael Johns, of all people. I thought for sure it would be Carly or Jason Castro. I had *hoped* it would be Kristie Lee Cook, but I knew I wouldn’t be that lucky…

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