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Not my fault… April 18, 2008

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Apparently that fault belongs to New Madrid or something!

We were sleeping, rather soundly I might add, in our own bed for the first time all week last night. It was WONDERFUL. I didn’t even hear the train. But at about 4:30 this morning, our house started rocking and rolling. Our bedroom door started shaking and I got a bit dizzy laying in bed.

It was an EARTHQUAKE!  And here in Central Illinois, when your house is rolling like that, well it’s a pretty big deal. We don’t live on the West Coast. I tried finding it online in the middle of the night, but finally just checked Twitter.  Yep, earthquake. I didn’t think it was an explosion, but when the plant in Illiopolis blew a few years ago, we felt it AND heard it. This time I didn’t hear anything, so I figured it was an earthquake.

And it’s not the first one I’ve felt since we’ve lived here. But at 5.2 this was the biggest I’ve ever felt. Awesome! Noah was the only one who woke up. He thinks it’s a very cool thing and has been talking about it all morning!

For those of you who missed it – you can read about it here: 5.2 magnitude earthquake rocks midwest  The epicenter was only about 100 miles from us.


One Response to “Not my fault…”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I was wondering if you felt it where you are. Did you have any damage?

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