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Almost live American Idol recap (April 22)… April 22, 2008

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Seems weird not bloggin last week. I wasn’t too terribly surprised by the outcome of it all. And I really think it’s unfair that they go through the season telling people not to try and be someone like Mariah or do her songs because someone will always compare you to her – and then they make her songs. But whatever. It was one of Kristy Lee Cook’s better performances, but she was still the weakest in the bunch. It was her time to go.

Tonight’s theme is Broadway tunes and the mentor is Andrew Lloyd Weber. And I wonder if Simon will be brave enough to say someone sounds like they are a cabaret or broadway singer with the man himself actually there? I’m not likely to like many of the performances tonight. I’m a critic when it comes to music and I’m a critic when it comes to theater. When you put the two together, I’m pretty harsh. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time.

Ryan shows us the clip about ALW, introduces the judges, and we get jump right into the show.

Syesha – One Rock & Roll Too Many – What is her deal with the piano lately? Two weeks ago she was sitting on it and now she’s STANDING on it? What on earth? I’m bored. There are so many fun songs they can choose from and this is what she does? She said she was going to pick a song she can put her personality into and this is just proving that she doesn’t have on. (Chip says I should be more grace-full. But I’m just being honest). I do *not* like this performance at all. She could definitely do broadway and do it well, but this is NOT a Broadway competition.

Jason Castro – Memories – Someone just shoot me. I didn’t like Cats when I had to go see it in high school. I’ve never really cared for the soundtrack. And thankfully he’s done. He sang it well, but it was B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Maybe if he had put on a cat suit to sing it? THAT would have been entertaining!

Brooke White – You Must Love Me – Oops! That’s twice now that she’s messed up a song. If this was the first week of Hollywood week, she’d have been sent home just for that. She’s dying up there and she knows it and we’re all watching the train coming down the track. Brooke’s nerves really seem to be getting the best of her in recent weeks. And while she’s got a beautiful voice, I’m just not sure she’s Idol material anymore. I do think it’s a bit hypocritical of the Paula to tell her that she should never start and stop a song because when she did it last time, they all applauded her for having the guts to start a song over again when she got off to a bad start. It will definitely be one of the performances this week that people will remember – only for all the wrong reasons.

David Archuletta – Think Of Me – And for the first time tonight, I can actually hear a song that could make it on the pop charts. Not that I would listen to it, but definitely the best of the night so far.

Carly Smithson – Jesus Christ Superstar – SOOOO glad that ALW called her on her song choice. The other would have been AI suicide! And Carly finally looks like a superstar! And I love that she actually *looked* like she was having fun!

David Cook – Music Of The Night – I like that he didn’t try to change anything with such a classic song. It’s probably one of these best known ALW songs there is and to try and change it would be a tragedy. I’m loving his performance, until that last rocker shout on the very last note. But he could sing the phone book and I would listen, and that was amazing! David Cook really should be the winner this year. I don’t buy “albums” very often, but I will probably buy his.

And Ryan should NOT sing on this show. I vote we send Ryan home this week just for pulling that little stunt at the end.

Bottom three: Brooke, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado

Should go home: Brooke – that was just a train wreck

Will go home – Syesha – because I think enough people will feel sorry for Brooke to give her the sympathy vote this week.

But I’ve been wrong more than I’ve been right this season, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.


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