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American Idol results recap (April 23rd)… April 23, 2008

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It is Wednesday and I’m only half watching the results. I really, really, really beg of the producers to make the results show a 30 minute show.

I could care less about the group numbers. And tonights are particularly painful for me. And from the looks on their faces, it’s painful for everyone but Syesha and David Archuletta too. Personally, I think Syesha should just leave now for Broadway now. She’s be great on the stage I think. And Disney has GOT to be kicking themselves for not discovering David Archuletta before AI did. He is a Disney movie waiting to happen.

They’re interviewing Andrew Lloyd Weber tonight. The man is brilliant. A little creepy, but brilliant. And I disagree about his comment about Brooke being amazing at dress rehersal. Sorry, but we don’t get to see rehersals. I’ve seen better ALW interviews. I could have done about this one.

And OH.MY.GOSH!!! With the Ford commercial this week. WHAT was up with Brooke’s hair in that video? I know it was all big hair 80’s rocker stuff for all of them, but WOW! That was crazy!

Lots of thanks for Idol Gives Back – including a video of the President and First Lady. I’ll tell y’all right now, it’s not too late to give even more. You can go to Compassion International to give – either on a one time basis (I know they are doing a malaria net campaign right now where you can buy a mosquito net for a child (or a whole family if they all sleep together) for only $10. Or you can sponsor a child on a monthly basis. Doesn’t matter when you read this – you can visit there site and make a difference NOW!

They bring out the David’s and they are both safe. And they’ll be working with Neil Diamond next week.

Who is Leona Lewis? I know that I live under a rock a lot of times when it comes to pop music. Because most pop music makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and send me screaming from the room. But I have no idea who this chick is.

We’re back from commercial and apparently losing Idol stars do one of two things – sing country or do Broadway. And oh Clay Aiken. I may have nightmares tonight… *shudder*

Apparently this girl, Leona Lewis, is the number one new singer in the world? And I’m hitting the fast forward button because this is SOOOO not my type of music. She seems sweet enough and she can sing, but I can’t hear what you’re saying, let me take my fingers out of my ears.

Syesha Mercado and Brooke White are called out. My prediction? Brooke is taking a stool and Syesha is safe. And I’m completely WRONG!!! But if I had stuck with my opinion from last night, Syesha is the weaker of the two (marginally) and Brooke got the sympathy vote. I was told I was wrong so many times today that I doubted myself. Note to self: Self, go with your gut!

Carly and Jason come out after the commercial break and my gut is telling me Jason is on the stools. And it’s a SECOND UPSET!!! I’m pretty shocked. But I’m tired of both of the bottom two, so I really don’t care who goes home at this point.

Carly and Syesha both sing and I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch either. I watched the first few seconds of Carly, but I surfed the web for the rest of it.

The Mac vs. PC commercials however, I will watch over and over again! Best marketing on television. Love them!

We come back from commercial and Ryan wastes more time after makign us think he’s jumping right into it. And Carly is going home tonight. I’m a bit surprised. A bit disappointed. But like she said earlier in the show, she had been too calculating in her song choices and had forgotten to have fun. She was ready to bring back that fun Carly that people really liked at the beginning of the season. But that’s the reality of American Idol and it’s not always the worst singer that goes home.


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