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Almost Live American Idol recap… (April 29) April 29, 2008

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And I STILL haven’t called my Gram! UGH!

Ryan introduces us to the few remaining Idol-ators. Not many left and really not a lot of talent left. When you get this far into the competition, it’s easy to see who the stars really are. The grueling task of being a star will make people start to crack by this point. Could be interesting tonight.

Ryan is going on about how they have to JAM stuff into just one hour. Maybe if he’d just quit talking to hear himself talk we wouldn’t have to waste so much time? What a novel idea!

And it’s Neil Diamond night. I’m really hoping that someone will wear the shiny shirt. THAT would be entertainment! He an amazing musician who has proved himself and is about to release his 26th album. You know you’re successful when you can go the distance like that!

Ok, they are each going to sing two songs. And not be judged until the end of the second performance.

Jason Castro – “Forever in Blue Jeans” – Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. I think they should be making them do these back to back like they would in a real concert. Make them talk to the audience between them. Then we’d really know what kind of performer they are.

David Cook – “I’m Alive” – Took us a minute to figure out all the AC stuff – Adam Cook. Great performance. Not even in the same caliber as the rest of the contestants.

Brooke White – “I’m A Believer” – This song usually reminds me of the Monkees (Carrie are you reading? How many HOURS did we spend watching htat show when we were in school?) However, this reminds me more of the Shrek version. I can just picture little fairy tale creatures dancing all around her. It’s a good performance and she seems more comfortable behind the guitar than she’s looked in weeks. I was nervous about her this week, but you could tell she had fun up there and actually made it enjoyable.

(anyone else icked out by the “my husband has a guy-crush on seacrest” sign? Ew!!!)

David Archuletta – “Sweet Caroline” – I should have made my predictions on the blog BEFORE it got to the point. I just *knew* he would sing BOTH of these songs! And he did well. In a Disney musical kind of way. It was about what I expected.

Syesha Mercado – “Hello Again” – I like this song. I’ve heard it so many times that I can actually hear Neal Diamond singing it in my head without any music at all. She sang it well, but I didn’t like it. It’s one of those untouchable songs for me.

Randy on Round 1 – Jason was ok, David C was in the zone, Brooke was better than last week but karaoke, Archuletta was GREAT, and Syesha was wonderful.

Paula wastes her time because she things Castro sang two songs and she get all confused and we don’t have time for this.

Simon says Jason:forgettable, David Cook:justabove average, Brooke:nightmare, David Archuletta:ametuer, Syesha: old-fashioned.


Jason Castro – “September Morn” – Someone needs to tell the windshield wipers in the front row that this is NOT the right type of song for that thing and they are going completely too fast for this song! He’s got a soothing kind of voice that I could listen to if I wanted to be lulled to sleep or just wanted background noise while I was working. A step above Musak, but almost just as boring. Randy says it was just ok/whatever performance, Paula tells him to get out of his comfort zone and quit playing it safe, and Simon is bored by his lack of originality.

David Cook – “All I Really Need Is You” – LOVED it! Best by far and we should just end this competition and let the boy cut his album. The longer they wait to get it in the can, the less money they will make. Randy loved it, Paula really loved it and Simon thought it was brilliant and can’t say enough. Which is odd to hear Simon gushing with GOOD things to say.

Brooke White – “I Am…I Said…” – I can’t believe that Ryan just called her for cheating and writing the lyrics on her hand. But she didn’t need them. And she does a GREAT job with this song. Randy liked it. Paula says it works. Simon says again how much he hated the first song, but he really liked the second song. It wasn’t incredible, but she gets a “well done” from Simon.

David Archuletta – “America” – This song seems a bit “July 4th Musical”-ish. And his voice cracking really shows how young he is. He sang it well. Randy and Paula loved it. Simon agrees with me – David picked the right song to sing to get him the voices because Archuletta fans will LOVE that.

Syesha Mercado – “Thank The Lord For The Nighttime” – THIS is what she should have been doing all along. And why does she never do the big funky hair when she does songs like this? Because that would have so made her perfomance. Randy says she should have been doing songs like this all along. Paula babbles. I have no idea what she’s talking about but I do know that Syesha is no Corrine Bailey Rae. Simon says she demonstrates that she’s a great actress/singer and he thinks she’ll be in trouble tonight because there are only 5 left and that she didn’t have a memorable second song. I think he says that because he’s already forgotten about Jason Castro.

Should be bottom two: Jason Castro & Syesha Mercado

Will be bottom two: Jason Castro & Syesha Mercado

Going home: Jason Castro

I’m off to read more opinions now and see what others thought.


5 Responses to “Almost Live American Idol recap… (April 29)”

  1. It would make me very happy to see Jason go home. I’m thinking it’s Syesha though since all the teeny boppers are loving him so much.

  2. Headless Mom Says:

    You and Scott both got my Disney comment for me!

  3. BeckEye Says:

    The idiot pit would sway their arms if someone sang a funeral dirge. They don’t know any better.

  4. Togii Says:

    Just glad Carly’s gone, but agree that Jason is next to go. Being fair, I think he should have been out of there about 10 shows ago. Does anyone else get the impression he is in pain when he sings. He sounds like he is groaning!

  5. Carrie Says:

    Yep – I’m here and I totally thought of the Monkees as well (of course). That actually threw the whole performance for me, actually. I didn’t love it because I know the song a little too well. Just like when Chris Richardson sang “Geek In the Pink” by Mraz last year.

    I agree 1,000,000% about David Cook. I buy his studio versions on iTunes every week.

    My prediction for the bottom two was Brooke and Syeshia with Syeshia leaving.

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