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Almost live American Idol (May 13)… May 13, 2008

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I’m late, I know. But we got a call to go have dessert with friends after dinner tonight and well the thing about living life is that well, you miss out on a lot when you don’t live it. And unfortunately, internets, that means y’all take a backseat to my real life friends. We had a great time and stayed too late. I drank too much coffee, had great chocolate cake and laughed. A lot!

But I’m back with y’all now and ready for American Idol, even if I am a little sleepy. We’re down to the final three – the Davids and Syesha. They are each doing three songs tonight so it should be interesting. Is tonight judges choice? I guess we’ll find out.

Ryan introduces the judges and my, isn’t Paula sparkly tonight? Her hair looks rather nice tonight. And I’m right – it IS judges choice. And producers choice. And Idol-ee choice. This. could. get. interesting.

We start with judges choice and we get the news live at their hometown.

David Archuletta – And So It Goes by Billy Joel via Paula – David is excited to sing the pretty song. Which makes sense since he’s such a pretty boy. He does pretty well. And he’s really pulling off the acapella thing. NOT an easy task. It’s all a little pageant-y for me. He’s doing a MUCh better job at keeping his eyes open though. I wonder if he’s reading my blog? He sang for his audience and he sang it well. It was exactly what I expected it to be. No more, no less.

Syesha Mercado – If I Ain’t Got You by Alysha Keys via Randy – Ok, first, I’m automatically put off by the fact that she says she’s going to sing it just like Alysha Keys. Of course she is. Because that’s what she does. Or what she tries to do. When she tries to be something she’s not, she usually falls a bit flat. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. She’s singing it well, but I don’t see anything that screams out and says this girl can make it on her own and do anything original. She looks pretty though.

David Cook – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack via Simon – I applaud Simon for picking a song that is way outside of anything Cook would have picked on his own. It’s a great song. A difficult song. And wow! He really brings his A game tonight! That was amazing! I couldn’t type. I could just sit and watch.  And I think Randy’s harshness is all about Simon and not about David at all. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And we move on to the Idol-ee’s choice…

David Archuletta – With You by Chris Brown – The poor little boy looks so nervous to have chosen his own song. But I like that he’s singing something a little different than anything he’s done before. He looks comfortable – even if he does mess up the words a bit. I swear it sounded like he just picked random names from the phone book to sing there. He hits it strong now and his eyes are STILL open! Not my type of music, and forgetting the words aside, I’m glad he tried something new. Cheesy, but some people like cheese.

Syesha Mercado – Fever by Peggy Lee – WOW her legs are long in that dress! This is VERY Broadway. And I swear I’ve seen this song done exactly this way before – chair included. She’s doing nothing original vocally. She’s a great singer, but definitely not a musician. Syesha will be a GREAT Broadway star someday. She’s got what it takes to be on stage as an actress. Not sure she’s got anymore in her as a singer though than a second-rate wannabe. This whole season has been about her trying to be like someone else.  And as harsh as that is, she just doesn’t have any originality. Broadway, baby, that’s where she belongs. But, she does look AMAZING! She does sparkly well!

David Cook – Dare You To Move by Switchfoot – It’s starting out really low. Creepy low. Which tells me there will be screaming later in the song. WOW that was short. It’s like he can just get started with the song and then it’s cut short. I feel ripped off that we didn’t get the whole song. It was weirdly short. Not a good song choice. Pretty predictable.

Up next – producers choice…

David Archuletta – Longer by Dan Fogelberg – And he’s SQUINTING again! And it’s just a bit weird to hear him sing this because the song is older than he is! He hits that last note and his fans start passing out all over the place I’m sure. It was boring and predictable. A beautiful song, done well. I was bored. But it’s not his fault – the producers are trying to sabotage him I think. It’s just weird to hear a 17 year old sing a song about loving someone forever.

Syesha Mercado – Hit Me Up by I have absolutely no idea – I hated it. That was just kind of goofy and weird. And it was from a movie with Penguins – although I can’t remember which one because there have been so many lately. That was *not* a good choice and I think the producers should stick to producing and not choosing songs. That was not good.

David Cook – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith – Chip says, “Why did they have to arrange it like a Michael Bolton song?” And I couldn’t agree more. This is all just a bit overproduced and weird. The ending was better than the beginning but wow. I might need to watch that again to get a real feel of it all. The song is an amazing song. I disagree with Randy calling it predictable. *that* mess was anything but predictable. But it’s enough to get him into the finals.

Who goes home? Syesha. I really think that the powers that be decided a long time ago that the Davids would be the final two. And they deserve it. Cook is just a great musician and Archuletta has the potential to be given a bit of time and life experience.

Best of the night goes to David Cook. Worst of the night was Syesha. Going home will be Syesha.


3 Responses to “Almost live American Idol (May 13)…”

  1. Lorrie Says:

    I’ll tell ya why David A. was nervous picking his own song. Daddy Dearest wasn’t allowed backstage this week!


    Syesha’s goin’ home, yo!

  2. Tammy Says:

    Yea, I am confused as to why Randy was so hard on David Cook?! Oh well, I think he’ll win the whole thing. I totally would by his album!

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