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American Idol Results Show (May 14)… May 14, 2008

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Twitter is getting to be a dangerous place when you only “almost live” blog American Idol. That means you’re getting my opinion before I go and read anyone elses and as I watch. But it’s only “almost live” because of the wonder of the DVR. Which is really the most amazing invention since television itself I think. It let’s me put my monkeys in bed and THEN watch. It also allows me to fast forward through a lot of the NONSENSE in the hour-long (I’m begging you producers – bring back the 30 minute) results show. So let’s get on with it all…

We’re down to the final three and before the night is over, we’ll be down to the final two. I’d bet good money that Ryan is going to come out and tell us that more people have voted than ever before. If someone was foolish enough to actually take the bet that is.

Wow, Ryan, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Because if somehow someone was BLIND and had missed Paula’s cleavage, Ryan telling her that she needs to put on a shirt will definitely make you look up. Because the girls certainly are on display and I’m glad that I’ve already put my adolescent song in bed for the night because he does NOT need to see that!

I hate the group numbers. Detest them. Syesha is doing it well. Archuletta seems to appreciate having other people up there with him – in case he forgets the words. Again. And I wonder how Cook can look into the mirror after something like that because it just screams SELL OUT! Never mind me, I’m much nicer after the group number is done. And the Ford commercial too.

Ryan recaps the performances for us. They all did well. Judges chose great songs. Idol-ees chose ok songs. And the producers chose songs certain to sabotage the Idol-ees.

And we welcome Fantasia. I’m not a fan. Never have been. She actually scares me quite a bit. And what is up with the Ronald McDonald/Bozo the Clown hair color? This is just a freaky-weird performance. And she’s making my dogs go CRAZY! They are running through the house freaking out. And does this really qualify as singing? The music is amazing, but I feel like she’s shouting at me. And Simon’s face says it all! What the heck was that?!?

Ryan pimps the Idol tour. The Idol stamp. And the Idol goes back. Instead, I’d suggest that you go to Compassion International and sponsor a child or give to one of their very needy ministries. They are a company actually out there doing in. And the money given goes to local churches to support local people. It’s not used to fly celebrities halfway around the world to mug for the cameras.

We look at David’s trip back to Murray, Utah. And he is geeking out over the cheerleaders being there to cheer for him. Because I suspect he was the nerdy choir guy in school. And all this sudden popularity is a little weird for him still. And I think it would be weird for anyone, but for a 17 year old kid – that would really freak them out. Especially when they get an entire day named after them. Ryan reminds us that the judges all loved his first song, the second song fell a little short and the third song was a bit predictable. 

They call Syesha out and she looks lovely tonight. She had a great time back home in Sarasota, FL. There are a lot of people out there and apparently they’ve named a day after here too. It’s nice to see her with her parents and family. And at least American Idol in an equal opportunity moment, we see Syesha bawl during her video too. Not that we haven’t seen her cry before. The judges didn’t care for the first song except for Randy, same for the second song and no one really loved the third song. But you can tell she’s had fun on the journey and I really expect to hear about her being on Broadway someday regardless of what happens tonight (but I still think she’s going home).


They call out David Cook. He tells us how he was never supposed to even audition and they call up his brother who was the one who was supposed to audition. Home for David Cook is in Blue Springs, MO – just outside of Kansas City. It’s all a bit crazy the way people go absolutely nuts for someone just because they are famous. And those little girls FREAKING out over him at the elementary school. And he’s staring to cry so we know the clip is coming to an end. The judges liked the first song, the second song underwhelmed everyone but Simon, and it was a split vote on the third song but I think a Randy/Simon feud is actually what split the vote on that last one. I still think he’s the one to beat in this competition.

Ryan calls them all to the center of the stage and then sends us to commercial. And I’m thinking we might actually get the results when we come back since there are less than 10 minutes left.

We’re back. Randy says they all did amazing and they deserve a round of applause. Paula tells them they are on a path to greatness and tells them to seize this moment. But she says it in a long drawn out way. Simon says he likes them all and is predicting a humdinger for next week.

And the person leaving us tonight is Syesha.

So, next week is the battle of the David’s. I wonder if they’ll actually be able to make Randy’s day and actually sing the phone book. Wouldn’t that be something?


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  1. I just saw your post!! That is a real Hoot!!!!!
    Yes, we do work for the same company. I am at “Randal” or JRRRC, as it is also called. I have worked there a little over two years. I work 3rd shift 11pm-7am. Working a building, I do not know to many people that work there–they are all at the gates.

    I love working a building. It is dry and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have never worked Global but I have to radio them every night when the doughnuts come LOL.

    I might know his name if I heard it.
    It really is a small world isn’t it?

    Now I had better go through all my posts and be sure I have lots of good things written about Garda (Vance)just in case someone finds out about me LOL.

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