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Works for Me Wednesday… May 14, 2008

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We have a problem in our house. I call it the “Microwave Mess”! It’s when items are put in the microwave and EXPLODE onto the sides and top of the microwave. The bottom gets cleaned often because the little turntable plate is easy to remove and clean. The rest of it is not so easily cleaned. And those little “microwave packet” things they’ve started selling in the stores just do not cut it! (I got two free samples and I was *not* impressed).

Anyhoo, half of that mess was being caused from mini-explosions in the microwave. Explosions that sent the paper towels covering the food flying off and rendering them incapable of preventing the microwave mess. We tried saran wrap, but the small “steam” burns that ensued were enough to switch us back to paper towel really quick.

Until I warmed up spaghetti sauce one night and our whole theory of the microwave mess changed! I dumped the sauce into the glass bowl and just happened to have a paper plate sitting right next to the bowl on the counter. I realized it was the PERFECT size to sit neatly on the top of the bowl. The steam would lift the plate slightly to let the steam escape, but the plate was heavy enough that it couldn’t be blown off completely!

I’m making orange chicken for dinner tomorrow night and I’ll use the leftover orange peels to boil in some water in the microwave to clean it out. The oils from the oranges are the best things I’ve found to loosen the gunk in the microwave. But because of the magic of the paper plate, I just realized that I’ve not had to clean out my microwave in quite a while. Because it doesn’t get nearly as gross as it used to!

So, that’s what works for me. What works for you?


Editing to say that free money also works for me! Did y’all see the article in USA Today about Revolution Money Exchange? They are giving $25 to anyone who signs up today. And yeppers – it works! I’ve already signed up and had $25 put into my account. Just for signing up! It works a lot like PayPal. And I like PayPal – it’s been trusty for all my online adventures – but we all knew someone would have to come along and give them a real run for their money (haha) eventually. I think Revolution is going to be that company. So, go sign up while they are still giving away free money. If nothing else, you’ll get $25 out of the deal. And if you want to sign up, get that free money and send it to me, well, that’s ok too. *grin*


5 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday…”

  1. craftymom Says:

    I have never thought of using a paperplate. We’ve had the same papertowel problem though! I also look forward to trying the orange peels in water to clean the microwave, as I’ve only used plain boiling water.

  2. imgladyouasked Says:

    I signed up for the free money so through your link so you should get a credit. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. Samantha Says:

    Ooooo… orange peels. Smart! I’ll have to try that! (I forgot to clean the microwave before my parents came and visited and I think my mom just about had a heart attack!!) Hee hee…

  4. Amy Says:

    I just went and signed up, but then I went to the USA Today article… did you know that article was posted 189 days ago?

  5. SufficientGrace Says:

    “Cook” a small bowl of vinegar for a minute. The vingeary steam softens all the gunk right up. It only takes a quick swipe with a paper towel to clean from there. 🙂

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