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Almost live American Idol (May 20th)… May 21, 2008

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We’re finally home and starting American Idol. About 24 hours later than we normally would have. My prediction? David will win it all! ROFL! I crack me up…

The whole “fight theme” is just silliness. Let them sing already. Because the last time I looked, this was a singing competition after all. This is just ridiculous. And I’m pretty sure that Cook would make mincemeat out of Archuletta. In either competition – singing or boxing…

Oh, there will be screaming tonight. I can tell already. They are going ga-ga over Ryan. What will it be like when Cook comes out? Or when the teeny-boppers see Archuletta? My head hurts just thinking about all that screaming.

3 songs each, 3 numbers to call, 4 hours to make the call. Unfortunately, it’s still way too late for me to make any calls to vote. I’m fast forwarding through the cheesy fight stuff. Cook is working the audience, Archie is off in lalaland somewhere and talking about how it’s such a dream. Enough with the blabbering already! If they were to cut all of this out, they could actually let the David’s sing a WHOLE song. What a novel concept!

Round 1 songs are chosen by Clive Davis – the man with the golden ears.

David Cook – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – OUCH! I’m shuddering already. Because in a fight with Bono, Cook is no match. Vocally, he’s close. But he just doesn’t have that “coolness” that Bono does. He’s severely lacking when it comes to the “it” factor – like most people when you compare them to U2. The vocals were fine, but this song just didn’t do it for me. Do what I’m not exactly sure, but he just seemed like a kid up there trying to be like his Idol. It was good, and I can’t blame it all on him since he didn’t pick the song. I’m not nearly as impressed as the judges. I wonder if Clive is trying to sabotage Cook this week?

David Archuletta – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me – As soon as I heard the song choice, I couldn’t help but think “of course” because it’s just the type of song that fits his voice. And he’s nailing it. And he’s keeping his eyes open so far. But I’m not sure it’s anything new that we haven’t seen from him before (from either of them for that point). But he does an excellent job. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Which is saying something coming from me. Normally I would have changed the channel if someone were singing that song.

Archuletta wins round 1.

Round 2 is a song that was from the song-writing contest that Ryan has been pimping all season. All songs written by people I’ve never heard of before.

Cook – Dream Big – This song is all just a too much Jonas Brother-ish for me. He’s singing it fine, but this song is never going to be a hit. Not in my house anyway. But I think it’s the song, not the singer. But then again, I guess I could see this as one of those songs that schools use for graduation or even churches use for baccalaureate because they are trying to be relevant. Just not something I really enjoyed. And he sang it without screaming. He did an great job. Not fantabulous like I’d have liked to see, but he did it well.

Archuletta – In This Moment – Again, not a song I really enjoy and I don’t know that I care for the message of the song a whole lot. Guess I know too many people who like to stay stuck in their “moment” maybe? But he is really owning this song. It’s like it was written for his voice. Specifically for him. He did an amazing job with that song!

Round 2 goes to Archuletta. (And I’m seriously wishing that I had written a song called “The Phone Book” and submitted it.)

Round 3 is Idol-ee choice. 

Cook – The World I Know by Collective Soul – I’m a bit bored by this. It’s a great performance. But more a song stuck into the middle of a concert. Not the encore song that he really needs at this moment. And I really applaud him for going and doing something original and not falling back onto something he’s already done.

Archuletta – Imagine – And apparently he really is stuck in his moment. Because I swear I remember him doing this song before. Phenomenally. Can he do it again? He can, but I’ve seen him do this already and it bored me the first time and is boring me the second time again. You can hear the tension in his voice as he sings it under the pressure of knowing that this is it for him. (Chip is seriously afraid the kid will melt into the floor like a puddle of wax if he actually wins it all). And oh, the screaming. The lots and lots of SCREAMING!

I’d give round 3 to Cook. Even though they both bored me, at least Cook bored me with something new. I was really surprised to see Idol end up this way at the end.

Who’s album would I buy? David Cook.

Who has changed the most as a performer consistently throughout the season? David Cook.

Who do I think will actually win it all? David Archuletta.

And for the record – I think they both deserve it.


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