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American Idol results show – the Finals (May 21st)… May 21, 2008

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I’m warning y’all, I’m going to be doing a lot of fast forwarding through this show. So, my critiquing will be minimal. The show is actually over now (I think) and we’re going silent on all media except for our DVR and this blog post page. I’ve turned off Twitter. I’m ignoring texts. I’ll find out at the end of the show just like the rest of most of y’all did.

97.5 million votes last night! HOLY COW! That is incredible. The vote was a 56-44 percent vote. (Are people booing Paula?) I really thought it would be a bit closer than that.

And because this will be the last time I can say it this season, and should anyone think I could have changed my mind, I can’t stand these group numbers. Really can’t stand them. *searches for the FF button*

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!  They actually found a song that David’s could sing together and actually sound good on! That in itself is amazing.

I’m fast forwarding through the commercial for the Love Guru and his sitar hero nonsense.

More music – Syesha Mercado with Seal. Which makes this worth watching. Even though she’s nowhere near being in the same league as he is. She actually looks really nervous. Like puke on her shoes nervous because she’s up there with him.

Jason Castro comes back to sing Alleluia and I’ll probably watch this one all the way through. I love this song and he does it very well. Excellent! If he could have sung that song every week and gotten away with it, he might have won this competition.

Ford Commercial = fast forward

They each get an escape hybrid – which I would guess living in Missouri and Utah will be a good thing. Because

The girls are singing – and you know until I saw them I probably couldn’t have named any of them off the top of my head except for Syesha (andI could have only named her because she only just went home last week). The guys really did dominate this season, didn’t they? And then the bring out Donna Summer to show them how to do it right. 

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns come out to sing and I’m suddenly feeling like they’ve tricked me and I’m at the Idol concert. But not as tricked as the fans who actually go to the concert will feel when they get to the concert and realized they already saw all the performances on the Idol finale.

Jimmy Kimmel comes out to roast pretty much everyone. He’s amusing.

Top 6 guys come out so we can “rock out” to Bryan Adams? I forgot that guy! The one who was the naked waiter guy? What was his name? Someone help me out. Was he a David too?  And I find it very funny that they are singing about the summer of 69 when none of them were alive in 69. But at least they had David Cook sing the line “Thinking about my younger days”. Chip just says “at least Michael Johns isn’t wearing an ascot.” Then they call out Bryan Adams. Personally, I think I’d rather listen to either of the finalists instead.

Apparently they’ve made an entire theme park for the the losers to go sing at. That’s nice.

David Cook and ZZ Top – go figure. This boy should look back and watch this and be proud. Because up there, next to the band itself, he is doing this song justice. This is excellent.

(My husband is the number 1 reason I’m thankful for the pause button. He cracks me up.  Chip just said, “Who’s David Archuletta going to sing with? Kermit the frog?” And as I laughed, he says, “I bet he sings that rainbow song!” ROFL!)

Back to Cook and ZZTop – this is amazing! And it’s true. Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. And about a guy who can sing like David Cook apparently. Because WOW! That’s a whole lot of screaming. I hope he wins.

Brooke comes out to sing with Graham Nash and I suspect she’ll do this song well. I can’t hear this song without hearing Michael Scott sing it anymore though. He sang it on Take Your Daughter To Work Day. And forever put that sound into my ears.

I’m very ashamed that even though I couldn’t understand at all what the crowd shouted when Ryan told them to announce the band, I know who this is. Not nearly as ashamed as I’d be if I knew that and didn’t have kids though. 

And we have a “worst of” clip. And I remember every single one of these people. I can still sing along to the “I am Your Brother” song! That guy was a hoot! And HE’S THERE!!!! Now *this* is ENTERTAINING!!! I think he and William Hung should start a band!

One Republic. This guy does a weird eye thing too. I’ve heard of One Republic but this is the first time I’ve ever heard them. But once I heard the music, I just *knew* that Archuletta was going to come out and sing with this guy. And really? I think Archuletta sings the song better. He’s just got a better tone to his voice.

I’m seriously going to be *s*h*o*c*k*e*d* if David Archuletta doesn’t win this season of American Idol. All roads are leading that way in tonight’s results show. And oh, the screaming. Again with the screaming.

Jordin Sparks come out to sing and I’ve over it already. She’s young. She can sing. But I’m over this show already and just ready to find out who wins. Fast forward.

Gladys Knight and the… I just don’t have words for this. Now *that* was funny!

Carrie Underwood – I just don’t get the whole “bad girl” thing from her. But WOW! Can she sing! That girl has got some serious pipes on her!

Last song before the results – Top 12 singing a countrified version of a George Michael song. I didn’t think it was possible to make me hate this song more than I already do. But that was definitely worse. What is up with the George Michael songs?  Fast Forward!

Judges final thoughts:

Randy – who I’m voting off for wearing an ascot, thinks they are both winner.

Paula – is honored to just be in the same room with the Davids and then she babbles some more.

Simon – just apologized! Holy cow! That’s an American Idol first! He thinks they are both “triers” (people who really try to improve) and doesn’t care who wins because they both deserve it.

The results are in and DAVID COOK is the winner of American Idol!!! I can’t believe it! And neither can he! And he sings us out with the winning song – Time Of My Life.

And that’s it until January…


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