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I have three sons… May 28, 2008

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And they have friends. Which means that every couple of years at the very least, we’re going to end up in the emergency room for some rough housing type of injury.

Today was Noah’s turn. And I’m a freak about pictures, so I’m going to warn y’all now before you get too far into this post. There will be pictures towards the end.

I had just gone into the kitchen to make lunch this afternoon. I had a pan in the sink filling with water for macaroni and cheese. I had just gotten out bananas for Seth & Lexie for part of their lunch. My day was going as planned. A little bit of laundry, a bit of cleaning, my kids all actually behaving for once.

A scream so shrill pierced our entire house. It’s the kind of scream that you don’t stop to ask questions, you just start to move because you *know* that there is something wrong. Those of you reading who have kids know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that scream that says, “I NEED YOU NOW!!!” and you’re really not sure if you’ll be able to stomach what you’re about to find.

As I moved towards the steps, Elijah came FLYING down them. I promise he took TWO steps to get down all 14 of our stairs. The wailing is continuing from upstairs and I know it’s Noah by this point. He’s 6 and a tough guy. So for him to be hurt, he must really be hurt. Elijah’s shouting “Noah cracked his head open” and I holler for him to go get his dad (oh how I *love* living next door to his office!), but I’m not sure he heard me because he was already out the door.

I walk into the bedroom and sure enough. He’s bleeding. And it’s a head wound, so by bleeding, I mean *gushing* blood. Isaac (Elijah’s friend) is standing over him and trying to help, but you can tell he’s at a complete loss of what to do. As I’m searching for something to press to the back of his head, Isaac is telling me that they were playing a game. “We were locking each other out of the room and I was pulling him off the bed and he hit his head on the bed.” Noah pipes up, “I was NOT playing that game!” ROFL!

I get him down the stairs with a vice grip on his head because this thing is REALLY bleeding. I pull the towel away once we get downstairs and all. that. blood. Oh my! I assessing the situation as Chip walks in the door. Yep, he’s got a gash in his head and a growing knot. And we’re going to the ER.

So, I call Chip’s mom, who is mercifully not working today, and she comes to stay with the kids – my own and three extras! The woman is a saint! She even somehow acquired an extra kid while we were gone.

We got to the ER and were in and out within 90 minutes. They got us all checked in, the nurse comes in to look, the doctor takes a look at it and says, “I think we can glue that.” At this point Noah smiles for the first time since he got hurt. I must say, the crying and screaming stopped within 5 minutes of everything happening. He was a VERY brave guy. I don’t think I would have been quite so brave.

So, they laid him down, shaved around the wound and then the doctor came in and glued it back together. Noah said the worst part was getting his head shaved (she had to use two separate razors because his hair is *so* thick) and assured him it would grow back. He winced a bit when the dr pushed it back together, but he said the bump on his head hurt. We gave him some Tylenol and now you’d never know we were in the ER with him earlier. Kids bounce.

We took him to McDonald’s after we were done at the ER. Daddy even let him get a chocolate shake. He can’t take a shower for 24 hours (not a problem for him) and has to be careful not to break it back open or scratch it because it will start to itch in a couple days.

Not exactly how I planned to spend my day today, but he doesn’t seem to be any worse for it all.

(click the pictures to make them bigger)

 Waiting on the doctor

 The bump on the back of his head

 Waiting for the nurse to shave his head

 Noah’s first shave

 Before the glue (he’s quite proud of all the blood on his shirt)

 After the glue (which is just amazing because 10 years ago they’d have had to stitch that shut)




3 Responses to “I have three sons…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Poor guy. I’m glad he was able to get a shake out of the deal. When I split my head open all I got was 13 stitches and a lollipop.

    Hope it heals quickly for him.

  2. Deb Says:

    Yikes!!! I am so thankful Taet has yet to get a stitch, or gluing. Here’s praying we do not have that happen. But I know boys will be boys, and, well, I am just praying for my sanity if it ever does happen. Tell know good job on being so brave. Oh, and way to go momma for not passing out yourself. lol

  3. SufficientGrace Says:

    What a brave boy!!!!! Praise the Lord no stitches these days!!

    ((HUGS!! to Noah!!)

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